Yu Xin

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According to our database1, Yu Xin authored at least 99 papers between 2007 and 2024.

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A hybrid multimodal machine learning model for Detecting Alzheimer's disease.
Comput. Biol. Medicine, March, 2024

A Graph Contrastive Learning Model Based on Structural and Semantic View for HIN Recommendation.
Neural Process. Lett., February, 2024

A novel study for depression detecting using audio signals based on graph neural network.
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A detail-oriented super-2D network for pulmonary artery segmentation.
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Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Method for Optimizing Mold Resource Setup Time.
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The accuracy of artificial intelligence in predicting COVID-19 patient mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
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Enhanced Harris hawks optimization-based fuzzy k-nearest neighbor algorithm for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.
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A dual-path U-Net for pulmonary vessel segmentation method based on lightweight 3D attention.
Mach. Vis. Appl., September, 2023

A gated graph attention network based on dual graph convolution for node embedding.
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Spatial Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors on the Retail Industry in the Central Urban Area of Lanzhou City at the Scale of Daily Living Circles.
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A time sequence coding based node-structure feature model oriented to node classification.
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Ship Detection in Low-Quality SAR Images via an Unsupervised Domain Adaption Method.
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A swimming crab portunus trituberculatus re-identification method based on RNN encoding of striped key regions.
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Multimodal heterogeneous graph attention network.
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Preference-corrected multimodal graph convolutional recommendation network.
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An Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation Approach for Spaceborne SAR System in Low SINR Condition.
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Symphony: Optimized Model Serving using Centralized Orchestration.
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A multi-scale interactive U-Net for pulmonary vessel segmentation method based on transfer learning.
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Functional Brain Network Measures for Alzheimer's Disease Classification.
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A Three-Stage Adaptive Hybrid Algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem.
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Animal Re-Identification Algorithm for Posture Diversity.
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NeRF Synthesis with Shading Guidance.
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Pedestrian recognition method based on Jetson nano.
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Three-dimensional point cloud indoor reconstruction based on plane calibration for smart city.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things, 2023

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2D&3DHNet for 3D Object Classification in LiDAR Point Cloud.
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LDPC Codes Over GF(q) With Alterable Subset for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems.
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Multi-view k-proximal plane clustering.
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The deep fusion of topological structure and attribute information for anomaly detection in attributed networks.
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An Imaginary Interference-Free Method for MIMO Precoding in FBMC/OQAM Systems.
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Multi-Aspect SAR Target Recognition Based on Prototypical Network with a Small Number of Training Samples.
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Impact of Lightning Data Assimilation on Forecasts of a Leeward Slope Precipitation Event in the Western Margin of the Junggar Basin.
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A multi-shop integrated scheduling algorithm with fixed output constraint.
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Generalization of deep neural network for bearing fault diagnosis under different working conditions using multiple kernel method.
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Reveal Community Structure by Local Similarity and Hierarchical Clustering.
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Adaptive Reinforced Empirical Morlet Wavelet Transform and Its Application in Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery.
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Interchange-Based Privacy Protection for Publishing Trajectories.
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