Jonathan F. Bard

According to our database1, Jonathan F. Bard authored at least 78 papers between 1977 and 2020.

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The flexible break assignment problem for large tour scheduling problems with an application to airport ground handlers.
J. Sched., 2020

A performance analysis of dispatch rules for semiconductor assembly & test operations.
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An exact algorithm for designing optimal districts in the collection of waste electric and electronic equipment through an improved reformulation.
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A stochastic optimization approach to shift scheduling with breaks adjustments.
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Using simulation to Design a Worklife Integrated Practice Unit.
Proceedings of the 2018 Winter Simulation Conference, 2018

The Destination-Loader-Door Assignment Problem for Automated Package Sorting Centers.
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Benders decomposition and an IP-based heuristic for selecting IMRT treatment beam angles.
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Improving performance of dispatch rules for daily scheduling of assembly and test operations.
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Optimization of multi-fleet aircraft routing considering passenger transiting under airline disruption.
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A sequential GRASP for the therapist routing and scheduling problem.
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Flexible weekly tour scheduling for postal service workers using a branch and price.
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Special Issue Dedicated to the Memory of Paul A. Jensen.
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A GRASP for simultaneously assigning and sequencing product families on flexible assembly lines.
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A simulation analysis of a patient-centered surgical home to improve outpatient surgical processes of care and outcomes.
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Large-scale pickup and delivery work area design.
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Pickup and delivery network segmentation using contiguous geographic clustering.
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A reactive GRASP with path relinking for capacitated clustering.
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Validating vehicle routing zone construction using Monte Carlo simulation.
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A branch-and-price algorithm for an integrated production and inventory routing problem.
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Bilevel Programming in Management.
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Bilevel Linear Programming: Complexity, Equivalence to Minmax, Concave Programs.
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Bilevel Linear Programming.
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The integrated production-inventory-distribution-routing problem.
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The task assignment problem for unrestricted movement between workstation groups.
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Preference scheduling for nurses using column generation.
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Class Scheduling for Pilot Training.
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Selecting the appropriate input data set when configuring a permanent workforce.
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A Bundle Algorithm Approach for the Aircraft Schedule Recovery Problem During Hub Closures.
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Algorithms for parallel machine scheduling: a case study of the tracking and data relay satellite system.
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The Flow Shop Scheduling Polyhedron with Setup Time.
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Staff scheduling at the United States Postal Service.
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Delivery Cost Approximations for Inventory Routing Problems in a Rolling Horizon Framework.
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A Branch-and-Cut Procedure for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows.
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Single machine scheduling with assignable due dates.
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Book Reviews.
Interfaces, 2000

A bilevel programming approach to determining tax credits for biofuel production.
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An Enhanced TSP-Based Heuristic for Makespan Minimization in a Flow Shop with Setup Times.
J. Heuristics, 1999

A Decomposition Approach to the Inventory Routing Problem with Satellite Facilities.
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Heuristics for the flow line problem with setup costs.
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A Grasp for Aircraft Routing in Response to Groundings and Delays.
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Facility-Wide Planning and Scheduling of Printed Wiring Board Assembly.
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Short-Term Scheduling of Thermal-Electric Generators Using Lagrangian Relaxation.
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An engagement effectiveness model for surface ships.
Proceedings of the 13th conference on Winter simulation, 1981

Criminal justice dynamics: A planning model.
Proceedings of the 9th conference on Winter simulation, 1977