Antanas Zilinskas

According to our database1, Antanas Zilinskas authored at least 61 papers between 1982 and 2020.

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A hybrid of the simplicial partition-based Bayesian global search with the local descent.
Soft Comput., 2020

On efficiency of a single variable bi-objective optimization algorithm.
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Selection of a covariance function for a Gaussian random field aimed for modeling global optimization problems.
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Analysis of Education Systems Performance in European Countries by Means of PCA-DEA.
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Effect of Diffusion Limitations on Multianalyte Determination from Biased Biosensor Response.
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A Variable Neighbourhood Search Enhancement for the Shift Sequence Based Method of the Personal Scheduling in Hospitals.
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On the Multi-objective Optimization Aided Drawing of Connectors for Graphs Related to Business Process Management.
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On Multi-Objective Optimization Aided Visualization of Graphs Related to Business Process Diagrams.
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Optimization-Based Evaluation of Concentrations in Modeling the Biosensor-Aided Measurement.
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On Structural Analysis of Parliamentarian Voting Data.
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Parallel hybrid algorithm for global optimization of problems occurring in MDS-based visualization.
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Data analysis and visualisation for robust multi-criteria process optimisation.
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Book review.
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Book Reviews.
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Book Reviews.
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