Jonathan Z. Bakdash

According to our database1, Jonathan Z. Bakdash authored at least 20 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Does Explainable Artificial Intelligence Improve Human Decision-Making?
CoRR, 2020

Understanding node-link and matrix visualizations of networks: A large-scale online experiment.
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Malware in the future? Forecasting of analyst detection of cyber events.
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Towards a Privacy-Aware Qunatified Self Data Management Framework.
Proceedings of the 23nd ACM on Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies, 2018

Attacklets: Modeling High Dimensionality in Real World Cyberattacks.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics, 2018

The Future of Deception: Machine-Generated and Manipulated Images, Video, and Audio?
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Learning and Reasoning in Complex Coalition Information Environments: A Critical Analysis.
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Human understanding of information represented in natural versus artificial language (Poster).
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Situation Management, 2018

Sherlock: Experimental Evaluation of a Conversational Agent for Mobile Information Tasks.
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Limits of Risk Predictability in a Cascading Alternating Renewal Process Model.
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Malware in the Future? Forecasting Analyst Detection of Cyber Events.
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Subjective Bayesian Networks and Human-in-the-Loop Situational Understanding.
Proceedings of the Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, 2017

Automation bias with a conversational interface: User confirmation of misparsed information.
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Situation Management, 2017

Effects of Information Availability on Command-and-Control Decision Making: Performance, Trust, and Situation Awareness.
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Conversational Sensing.
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Human Factors in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: Gaps for Soldiers and Technology Recommendations.
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Adherence Engineering to Improve Best Practices.
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Spatial learning and navigation using a virtual verbal display.
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Quantifying usability in secure graphics: assessing the user costs of protecting 3D content.
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Large displays enhance spatial knowledge of a virtual environment.
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