Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí

According to our database1, Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí authored at least 80 papers between 1998 and 2019.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Improving Classification of Interlinked Entities Using Only the Network Structure.
International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 2019

Double-spending prevention for Bitcoin zero-confirmation transactions.
Int. J. Inf. Sec., 2019

LockDown: Balance Availability Attack against Lightning Network Channels.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2019

On the Difficulty of Hiding the Balance of Lightning Network Channels.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2019

Kriptosare.gen, a Dockerized Bitcoin Testbed: Analysis of Server Performance.
Proceedings of the 10th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, 2019

Cryptocurrency Networks: A New P2P Paradigm.
Mobile Information Systems, 2018

Bitcoin private key locked transactions.
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Another coin bites the dust: An analysis of dust in UTXO based cryptocurrencies.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2018

Monero - Privacy in the Blockchain.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2018

k-Degree anonymity and edge selection: improving data utility in large networks.
Knowl. Inf. Syst., 2017

Analysis of the Bitcoin UTXO set.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2017

A Fair Protocol for Data Trading Based on Bitcoin Transactions.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2017

A survey of graph-modification techniques for privacy-preserving on networks.
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On Improving Automated Self-assessment with Moodle Quizzes: Experiences from a Cryptography Course.
Proceedings of the Technology Enhanced Assessment, 20th International Conference, 2017

Smart contracts based on blockchain for logistics management.
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Internet of Things and Machine Learning, 2017

Reputation and Reward: Two Sides of the Same Bitcoin.
Sensors, 2016

Privacy in Bitcoin Transactions: New Challenges from Blockchain Scalability Solutions.
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Security and Privacy Concerns About the RFID Layer of EPC Gen2 Networks.
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A Summary of k k -Degree Anonymous Methods for Privacy-Preserving on Networks.
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Remarks on Peinado et al.'s Analysis of J3Gen.
Sensors, 2015

Anonymizing graphs: measuring quality for clustering.
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When users become sensors: can we trust their readings?
Int. J. Communication Systems, 2015

An Integrated Reward and Reputation Mechanism for MCS Preserving Users' Privacy.
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On the similarity of commercial EPC Gen2 pseudorandom number generators.
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The Bitcoin P2P Network.
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Research and Challenges on Bitcoin Anonymity.
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J3Gen: A PRNG for Low-Cost Passive RFID.
Sensors, 2013

OSN Crawling Schedulers and Their Implications on k-Plexes Detection.
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Evolutionary Algorithm for Graph Anonymization.
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Improving Relational Classification Using Link Prediction Techniques.
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Improving Automatic Edge Selection for Relational Classification.
Proceedings of the Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence, 2013

Analyzing the Impact of Edge Modifications on Networks.
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Crowdsensing Simulation Using ns-3.
Proceedings of the Citizen in Sensor Networks - Second International Workshop, 2013

An algorithm for k-degree anonymity on large networks.
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Towards secure mobile P2P applications using JXME.
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Comparing Random-Based and k-Anonymity-Based Algorithms for Graph Anonymization.
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Classifying Online Social Network Users through the Social Graph.
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Users as Smart Sensors: A Mobile Platform for Sensing Public Transport Incidents.
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A Fair and Secure Cluster Formation Process for Ad Hoc Networks.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2011

A Practical Implementation Attack on Weak Pseudorandom Number Generator Designs for EPC Gen2 Tags.
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Computational and Energy Costs of Cryptographic Algorithms on Handheld Devices.
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Online Social Honeynets: Trapping Web Crawlers in OSN.
Proceedings of the Modeling Decision for Artificial Intelligence, 2011

XML-based security for JXTA core protocols.
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JXTA resource access control by means of advertisement encryption.
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Analysis and Improvement of a Pseudorandom Number Generator for EPC Gen2 Tags.
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JXTA Security in Mobile Constrained Devices.
Proceedings of the 24th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, 2010

OSN: When Multiple Autonomous Users Disclose Another Individual's Information.
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A survey on security in JXTA applications.
Journal of Systems and Software, 2009

A Virtual Laboratory Structure for Developing Programming Labs.
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Cryptographic Energy Costs Are Assumable in Ad Hoc Networks.
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Preserving user's privacy in web search engines.
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Maintaining Unlinkability in Group Based P2P Environments.
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An Interdomain PKI Model Based on Trust Lists.
Proceedings of the Public Key Infrastructure, 2007

Secure Dynamic MANET On-demand (SEDYMO) Routing Protocol.
Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research (CNSR 2007), 2007

Theoretical Framework for a Practical Evaluation and Comparison of Audio Watermarking Schemes in the Triangle of Robustness, Transparency and Capacity.
, 2006

A benchmark assessment of the WAUC watermarking audio algorithm.
Proceedings of the Security, Steganography, and Watermarking of Multimedia Contents VIII, 2006

Providing a collaborative mechanism for peer group access control.
Proceedings of the 2nd International ICST Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, 2006

A Secure E-Exam Management System.
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Influence of mark embedding strategies on lossless compression of ultraspectral images.
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