Jorge Esteban Hernández Hormazabal

According to our database1, Jorge Esteban Hernández Hormazabal authored at least 19 papers between 2006 and 2014.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



In proceedings 
PhD thesis 




Enhancing Collaborative Decision-Making Processes Using a Web-Based Application: A Case Study of a UK Precision Engineering SME.
Proceedings of the Group Decision and Negotiation. A Process-Oriented View, 2014

A Web-Based Decision Support System for Supply Chain Operations Management Towards an Integrated Framework.
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Framework for Modelling the Decision: View of the Supply Chains Collaborative Planning Process.
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An Operational Planning Solution for SMEs in Collaborative and Non-Hierarchical Networks.
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Conceptualising the Mass Customisation Decision-Making Process in Collaborative Supply Chain Networks.
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A decentralized collaborative replenishment decision-making model in the automobile supply chain sector.
Proceedings of the Bridging the Socio-technical Gap in Decision Support Systems, 2010

Collaborative Tactical Planning in Multi-level Supply Chains Supported by Multiagent Systems.
Proceedings of the Balanced Automation Systems for Future Manufacturing Networks, 2010

An Interoperable Enterprise Architecture to Support Decentralized Collaborative Planning Processes in Supply Chain Networks.
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Improving the business processes of a bank.
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A Supply Chain Architecture Based on Multi-agent Systems to Support Decentralized Collaborative Processes.
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Modelling Collaborative Forecasting in Decentralized Supply Chain Networks with a Multiagent System.
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A Multi-Agent Based-model to Support the Collaborative Manufacturing Resource Planning in Supply Chain Networks.
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A Multiagent-based System to Support the Decentralized Collaborative Decision-making Process in the Automobile Supply Chain Sector.
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Mapeo de Texturas Usando Registro 3D-2D.
Revista Colombiana de Computación, 2008

A conceptual model for the production and transport planning process: An application to the automobile sector.
Computers in Industry, 2008

Mutirresolución Adaptativa de Mallas Triangulares Basado en Criterios de Curvatura.
Revista Colombiana de Computación, 2007

Automatic Quantitative Mouth Shape Analysis.
Proceedings of the Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, 12th International Conference, 2007

Real-Time Robot Manipulation Using Mouth Gestures in Facial Video Sequences.
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3D and Texture Modelling of Precolombian Objects.
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