José F. Sigut

According to our database1, José F. Sigut authored at least 33 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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OpenCV Basics: A Mobile Application to Support the Teaching of Computer Vision Concepts.
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Ant Colony Optimization-based method for optic cup segmentation in retinal images.
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Fast perspective recovery of text in natural scenes.
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Iris Center Corneal Reflection Method for Gaze Tracking Using Visible Light.
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Natural Interaction without Marks.
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RIM-ONE: An open retinal image database for optic nerve evaluation.
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An Automated Approach for Preprocessing Retinographies.
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A New Set of Features for Robust Change Detection.
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Use of Constructivism and Collaborative Teaching in an ILP Processors Course.
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An expert system for supervised classifier design: Application to Alzheimer diagnosis.
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Applying a constructivist and collaborative methodological approach in engineering education.
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SIMDE: An educational simulator of ILP architectures with dynamic and static scheduling.
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Symbol-Based Machine Learning Approach for Supervised Segmentation of Follicular Lymphoma Images.
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A large deviation approach to normality testing.
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Procedures based on simulation and hardware for a computer architecture course.
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Integrating Multimedia Technology, Knowledge Based System and Speech Processing for the Diagnostic and Treatment of Developmental Dyslexia.
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Automatic analysis of signals with symbolic content.
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Patient-centered simulation tool for aiding in hospital management.
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