Josemaria Malgosa-Sanahuja

According to our database1, Josemaria Malgosa-Sanahuja authored at least 50 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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OpenFlow Compatible Key-Based Routing Protocol: Adapting SDN Networks to Content/Service-Centric Paradigm.
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A virtualized infrastructure to offer network mapping functionality in SDN networks.
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A Software-Defined Networking Framework to Provide Dynamic QoS Management in IEEE 802.11 Networks.
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Solving IP exhaustion with maskless inter-domain routing (MIDR) scheme.
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Design and analysis of a peer-assisted VOD provisioning system for managed networks.
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Analysis and improvement of multicast communications in HomePlug AV-based in-home networks.
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Analysis of LinkedIn Privacy Settings - Are they Sufficient, Insufficient or Just Unknown?.
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Design and implementation of a P2P communication infrastructure for WSN-based vehicular traffic control applications.
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The III International Conference on digital citizenship, san sebastian, Spain, showed new ideas about how to take advantage of the new technologies for entrepreneurship [Global Communications Newsletter].
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An efficient distributed discovery service for EPCglobal network in nested package scenarios.
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Evaluation of a New Proposal for Efficient Multicast Transmission in HomePlug AV Based In-Home Networks.
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Accurate Packet Timestamping on Linux Platforms for Precise Capacity Estimation - An Implementation of a Highly Accurate Timestamping System Embedded in the Linux Kernel and its Application to Capacity Estimation.
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A Self-organized P2P Network for an Efficient and Secure Content Location and Download.
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A Synchronous Multicast Application for Asymmetric Intra-campus Networks: Definition, Analysis and Evaluation.
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Science and technology strategies in Spain (2004-2007): convergence with regional plans.
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Wireless communications deployment in industry: a review of issues, options and technologies.
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Analysis and performance evaluation of a multicast flow control mechanism for wired-wireless networks.
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The directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions [Global Communications NewsIetter].
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Empirical and analytical study of a multicast synchronous transport protocol for intracampus replication services.
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W2Lan: Protocol that transforms a 802.11 mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) into an ethernet lan.
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MCDP-LAN, An Efficient Multimedia Content Distribution Protocol over LAN.
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