Joan García-Haro

According to our database1, Joan García-Haro authored at least 131 papers between 1994 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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A Prototype Framework Design for Assisting the Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using a Generic Low-Cost Biomedical Sensor.
Sensors, 2020

Quick and Cost-Effective Estimation of Vitamin C in Multifruit Juices Using Voltammetric Methods.
Sensors, 2020

An Analytical Approach to Flow-Guided Nanocommunication Networks.
Sensors, 2020

Deriving and Updating Optimal Transmission Configurations for Lora Networks.
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Performance optimization of LoRa nodes for the future smart city/industry.
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A Reinforcement Learning-Based Framework for the Exploitation of Multiple Rats in the IoT.
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On the Frame Length and the Maximum Achievable Channel Utilization of Flow-Guided Nanocommunication Networks.
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Improving RSSI-Based Path-Loss Models Accuracy for Critical Infrastructures: A Smart Grid Substation Case-Study.
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On the Nature of Energy-Feasible Wireless Nanosensor Networks.
Sensors, 2018

A COTS-Based Portable System to Conduct Accurate Substance Concentration Measurements.
Sensors, 2018

A nanoscale communication network scheme and energy model for a human hand scenario.
Nano Commun. Networks, 2018

Optimal Policy Derivation for Transmission Duty-Cycle Constrained LPWAN.
IEEE Internet Things J., 2018

The IEEE 1906.1 Standard: Some Guidelines for Strengthening Future Normalization in Electromagnetic Nanocommunications.
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Smart Usage of Multiple Rat in IOT-Oriented 5G Networks: A Reinforcement Learning Approach.
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Radio-Channel Characterization of Smart Grid Substations in the 2.4-GHz ISM Band.
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Evaluating the More Suitable ISM Frequency Band for IoT-Based Smart Grids: A Quantitative Study of 915 MHz vs. 2400 MHz.
Sensors, 2017

A survey on non-linear optimization problems in wireless sensor networks.
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Integration of Directional Antennas in an RSS Fingerprinting-Based Indoor Localization System.
Sensors, 2016

Conceptual Design of a Nano-Networking Device.
Sensors, 2016

Revisiting VoIP QoE assessment methods: are they suitable for VoLTE?
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Evaluation of MAC contention techniques for efficient geo-routing in vehicular networks.
Ad Hoc Networks, 2016

WiFi networks on drones.
Proceedings of the 2016 ITU Kaleidoscope: ICTs for a Sustainable World, 2016

Automated spectrum trading mechanisms: understanding the big picture.
Wirel. Networks, 2015

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an Indoor Navigation System for Visually Impaired People.
Sensors, 2015

An Experimental QoE Performance Study for the Efficient Transmission of High Demanding Traffic over an Ad Hoc Network Using BATMAN.
Mobile Information Systems, 2015

On the improvement of wireless mesh sensor network performance under hidden terminal problems.
Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 2015

On the influence of the hidden and exposed terminal problems on asynchronous IEEE 802.15.5 networks.
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Background detection of primary user activity in Opportunistic Spectrum Access.
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Performance Evaluation of BATMAN Routing Protocol for VoIP Services: A QoE Perspective.
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A Comprehensive WSN-Based Approach to Efficiently Manage a Smart Grid.
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An experimental test-bed for the evaluation of the hidden terminal problems on the IEEE 802.15.5 standard.
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Statistical Beaconing Congestion Control for Vehicular Networks.
IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., 2013

Vehicular Trajectory Optimization for Cooperative Collision Avoidance at High Speeds.
IEEE Trans. Intell. Transp. Syst., 2013

RFID Reader Scheduling for Reliable Identification of Moving Tags.
IEEE Trans Autom. Sci. Eng., 2013

Current Trends in Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks: A Review of Competing Approaches.
Sensors, 2013

On Maximizing the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks by Optimally Assigning Energy Supplies.
Sensors, 2013

Design and implementation of a P2P communication infrastructure for WSN-based vehicular traffic control applications.
J. Syst. Archit., 2013

A Stochastic Shortest Path Model to Minimize the Reading Time in DFSA-Based RFID Systems.
IEEE Communications Letters, 2013

Optimization of Vehicular Trajectories under Gaussian Noise Disturbances.
Future Internet, 2013

ARROW: Azimuth-Range ROuting for large-scale Wireless sensor networks.
EURASIP J. Wireless Comm. and Networking, 2013

MAC contention distributions for efficient geo-routing in vehicular networks.
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Special issue on "Challenges in high-performance switching and routing in the Future Internet".
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Optimum maneuvering under time constraints for high speed vehicles.
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An MDP framework for centralized dynamic spectrum auction.
Proceedings of the 35th IEEE Sarnoff Symposium 2012, Newark, NJ, USA, May 21-22, 2012, 2012

Decoupled Active/Passive Base Stations for Second Generation Cellular Networks.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2011

A Comprehensive Approach to WSN-Based ITS Applications: A Survey.
Sensors, 2011

A cross-layer solution for enabling real-time video transmission over IEEE 802.15.4 networks.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2011

Link-Layer Scheduling in Vehicle to Infrastructure Networks: An Optimal Control Approach.
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Dynamic system model for optimal configuration of mobile RFID systems.
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Parallelization of a Mathematical Model to Evaluate a CCA Application for VANETs.
Proceedings of the SIMULTECH 2011 - Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 29, 2011

Speeding Up the Evaluation of a Mathematical Model for VANETs Using OpenMP.
Proceedings of the Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, 2011

Wireless Sensor Network Deployment for Monitoring Wildlife Passages.
Sensors, 2010

Angle-of-arrival localization based on antenna arrays for wireless sensor networks.
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Testing viability of relay policies for reactive CCA applications in VANETs.
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Control-based scheduling with QoS support for vehicle to infrastructure communications.
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Contents and Methodology of Middleware Programming for Distance Learning in Master Programs.
Proceedings of the CSEDU 2009 - Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Lisboa, Portugal, March 23-26, 2009, 2009

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Energy-Efficient Mobile Middleware for SIP on Ubiquitous Multimedia Systems.
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Performance evaluation of MAC transmission power control in wireless sensor networks.
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A cost-efficient method for streaming stored content in a guaranteed QoS Internet.
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Parallel desynchronized block matching: A feasible scheduling algorithm for the input-buffered wavelength-routed switch.
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