Jozef Sirán

  • Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

According to our database1, Jozef Sirán authored at least 119 papers between 1980 and 2024.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of four.
  • Erdős number3 of one.



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Using bi-coset graphs to construct small regular and biregular graphs.
Discret. Math., 2024

Generalized Cayley maps and their Petrie duals.
Ars Math. Contemp., 2024

Clique-partitioned graphs.
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Classifying edge-biregular maps of negative prime Euler characteristic.
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Graphs derived from perfect difference sets.
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Convolution of aggregation functions.
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On the upper embedding of symmetric configurations with block size 3.
Discret. Math., 2020

On the upper embedding of Steiner triple systems and Latin squares.
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On the defect of vertex-transitive graphs of given degree and diameter.
J. Comb. Theory B, 2019

Asymptotically approaching the Moore bound for diameter three by Cayley graphs.
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An algebraic approach to lifts of digraphs.
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Regular self-dual and self-Petrie-dual maps of arbitrary valency.
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Inverting non-invertible labeled trees.
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Continuous functions with given super-additive and sub-additive transformations.
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Revisiting Constructions of Large Cayley Graphs of Given Degree and Diameter from Regular Orbits.
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Aggregation functions with given super-additive and sub-additive transformations.
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On the existence of aggregation functions with given super-additive and sub-additive transformations.
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Dan Archdeacon (11 May 1954 to 18 February 2015).
Ars Math. Contemp., 2017

Special issue in honour of Dan S. Archdeacon: Guest Editorial.
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GEMS 2013.
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Polarity graphs revisited.
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Regular pinched maps.
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Large vertex-transitive graphs of diameter 2 from incidence graphs of biaffine planes.
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Nonorientable regular maps over linear fractional groups.
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How symmetric can maps on surfaces be?
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Hyperbolic analogues of fullerenes on orientable surfaces.
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Cayley graphs of given degree and diameter for cyclic, Abelian, and metacyclic groups.
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Imprimitivity of locally finite, 1-ended, planar graphs.
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Covalence sequences of transitive plane tessellations and transitive maps on surfaces.
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Recent progress in classification of regular maps on a given compact surface.
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Regular hamiltonian embeddings of K<sub>n, n</sub> and regular triangular embeddings of K<sub>n, n, n</sub>.
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Injectivity radius of representations of triangle groups and planar width of regular hypermaps.
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New record graphs in the degree-diameter problem.
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Characterization of graphs which admit vertex-transitive embeddings.
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Möbius regular maps.
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Triangular embeddings of complete graphs from graceful labellings of paths.
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Planar width of regular maps.
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Triangulations of orientable surfaces by complete tripartite graphs.
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Small surface trades in triangular embeddings.
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Complete characterization of almost Moore digraphs of degree three.
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Cayley maps.
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Regular maps whose groups do not act faithfully on vertices, edges, or faces.
Eur. J. Comb., 2005

Maximum genus embeddings of Steiner triple systems.
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A note on large Cayley graphs of diameter two and given degree.
Discret. Math., 2005

Routing balanced communications on hamilton decomposable networks.
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Planar triangulations which quadrangulate other surfaces.
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Obstructions to directed embeddings of Eulerian digraphs in the plane.
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Halin's theorem for cubic graphs on an annulus.
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On the minimal nonzero distance between triangular embeddings of a complete graph.
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A note on the number of graceful labellings of paths.
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Sewing Ribbons on Graphs in Space.
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On Range Query Usability of Statistical Databases.
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Skew-morphisms of regular Cayley maps.
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On the injective chromatic number of graphs.
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Counterexamples to the uniform shortest path routing conjecture for vertex-transitive graphs.
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2-Compromise Usability in 1-Dimensional Statistical Databases.
Proceedings of the Computing and Combinatorics, 8th Annual International Conference, 2002

Realizing finite edge-transitive orientable maps.
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Trading crossings for handles and crosscaps.
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Triangle group representations and their applications to graphs and maps.
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Digraphs of degree two which miss the Moore bound by two.
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Exponential Families of Non-Isomorphic Triangulations of Complete Graphs.
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Almost Moore digraphs are diregular.
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Halving Complete 4-Partite Graphs.
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Bipartite labeling of trees with maximum degree three.
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Characterizing planarity using theta graphs.
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A Note on Large Graphs of Diameter Two and Given Maximum Degree<sup>, </sup>.
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Face 2-Colourable Triangular Embeddings of Complete Graphs.
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A Nebeský-Type Characterization for Relative Maximum Genus.
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A Note on Constructing Large Cayley Graphs of Given Degree and Diameter by Voltage Assignments.
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Edge-Ends in Countable Graphs.
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Maximal Orthogonal Latin Rectangles.
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Towards a Practical Auditing Method for the Prevention of Statistical Database Compromise.
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Anti-mitre steiner triple systems.
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A construction of vertex-transitive non-Cayley graphs.
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Orientable and non-orientable maps with given automorphism groups.
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Kuratowski-type theorems do not extend to pseudosurfaces.
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Groups with sign structure and their antiautomorphisms.
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Regular maps from voltage assignments.
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Solution of two problems of P. Erdös concerning Hamiltonian cycles.
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A construction of thickness-minimal graphs.
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On a construction of Thomassen.
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Quotients of connected regular graphs of even degree.
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