Juan Enrique Agudo

According to our database1, Juan Enrique Agudo authored at least 21 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Securing and Greening Wireless Sensor Networks with Beamforming.
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Chronos: A tool to develop the time management competence among engineering students.
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Analysis of beamforming for improving the energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks with metaheuristics.
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Design and Assessment of Adaptive Hypermedia Games for English Acquisition in Preschool.
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Achieving cooperation with many prisoners in the NIPD.
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Language Learning through Handheld Gaming: a Case Study of an English Course with Engineering Students.
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An Internet of Things Example: Classrooms Access Control over Near Field Communication.
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Improving Short Term Instability for Quantitative Analyses with Portable Electronic Noses.
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A Low-Cost Real Color Picker Based on Arduino.
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A Compact and Low Cost Electronic Nose for Aroma Detection.
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