Julio Barbancho

According to our database1, Julio Barbancho authored at least 36 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Cyber-Physical System for Environmental Monitoring Based on Deep Learning.
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Exploiting the Symmetry of Integral Transforms for Featuring Anuran Calls.
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Heterogeneous LoRa-Based Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Multiprocessor Platform for Environmental Monitoring.
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Improving Classification Algorithms by Considering Score Series in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks.
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Optimal Representation of Anuran Call Spectrum in Environmental Monitoring Systems Using Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Non-sequential automatic classification of anuran sounds for the estimation of climate-change indicators.
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Phase Shadows: An Enhanced Representation of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems.
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Evaluation of MPEG-7-Based Audio Descriptors for Animal Voice Recognition over Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks.
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Modelling of long-term and short-term mechanisms of arterial pressure control in the cardiovascular system: An object-oriented approach.
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mTOSSIM: A simulator that estimates battery lifetime in wireless sensor networks.
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An Automatic Weighting System for Wild Animals Based in an Artificial Neural Network: How to Weigh Wild Animals without Causing Stress.
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Five Years of Designing Wireless Sensor Networks in the Doñana Biological Reserve (Spain): An Applications Approach.
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