Karl J. Lieberherr

According to our database1, Karl J. Lieberherr authored at least 71 papers between 1980 and 2019.

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Learning Self-Game-Play Agents for Combinatorial Optimization Problems.
CoRR, 2019

A functional approach to generic programming using adaptive traversals.
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Algorithms for traversal-based generic programming.
Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Generic Programming, 2010

Weaving generic programming and traversal performance.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development, 2010

Controlled evolution of adaptive programs.
Proceedings of the joint international and annual ERCIM workshops on Principles of software evolution (IWPSE) and software evolution (Evol) workshops, 2009

A type system for functional traversal-based aspects.
Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Languages, 2009

Recursive adaptive computations using perobject visitors.
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Demeter Interfaces: Adaptive Programming Without Surprises.
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Shadow Programming: Reasoning About Programs Using Lexical Join Point Information.
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Traversals of object structures: Specification and Efficient Implementation.
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Controlling the Complexity of Software Design.
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Aspectual Collaborations: Combining Modules and Aspects
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XAspects: an extensible system for domain-specific aspect languages.
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Beyond AOP: toward naturalistic programming.
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A case for statically executable advice: checking the law of demeter with AspectJ.
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Discussing aspects of AOP.
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Interaction Schemata: Compiling Interactions to Code.
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Three Decades of HDLs: Part II, Conlan Through Verilog.
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Component Enhancement: An Adaptive Reusability Mechanism for Groups of Collaborating Classes.
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Zeus: A Language for Expressing Algorithms in Hardware.
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Towards a standard hardware description language.
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Analysis of polynomial approximation algorithms for constraint expressions.
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