Katsuhisa Yamanaka

According to our database1, Katsuhisa Yamanaka authored at least 39 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Compiling Crossing-free Geometric Graphs with Connectivity Constraint for Fast Enumeration, Random Sampling, and Optimization.
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Sequentially Swapping Colored Tokens on Graphs.
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Enumerating Highly-Edge-Connected Spanning Subgraphs.
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Exact Exponential Algorithm for Distance-3 Independent Set Problem.
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The Complexity of Induced Tree Reconfiguration Problems.
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Swapping colored tokens on graphs.
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Enumerating Floorplans with Columns.
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Function Design for Minimum Multiple-Control Toffoli Circuits of Reversible Adder/Subtractor Blocks and Arithmetic Logic Units.
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More Routes for Evacuation.
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Ladder-Lottery Realization.
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Enumeration, Counting, and Random Generation of Ladder Lotteries.
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Floorplans with Columns.
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Permutation Enumeration.
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Uniformly Random Generation of Floorplans.
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New Two-Qubit Gate Library with Entanglement.
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Another Optimal Binary Representation of Mosaic Floorplans.
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Swapping Colored Tokens on Graphs.
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Competitive Diffusion on Weighted Graphs.
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A Lower Bound on the Gate Count of Toffoli-Based Reversible Logic Circuits.
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Listing All Plane Graphs.
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Computational Complexities of University Interview Timetabling.
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A Compact Encoding of Rectangular Drawings with Efficient Query Supports.
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Constant Time Generation of Integer Partitions.
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Coding Floorplans with Fewer Bits.
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