Kazuaki Sawada

According to our database1, Kazuaki Sawada authored at least 28 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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High-Density 2-μm-Pitch pH Image Sensor With High-Speed Operation up to 1933 fps.
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CCD Multi-Ion Image Sensor with Four 128 × 128 Pixels Array.
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Insertable 256×256 ion image sensor for spatiotemporal pH recording.
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Optical-Interferometry-Based CMOS-MEMS Sensor Transduced by Stress-Induced Nanomechanical Deflection.
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Fabrication of a thin plasmonic color sheet embedded with Al subwavelength gratings in parylene.
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Visualizing in vivo brain neural structures using volume rendered feature spaces.
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On-chip square wave voltammetric pulse generator for redox measurement employing array structure.
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Construction of a Sensor Network to Forecast Landslide Disasters - Sensor Terminal Development and On-Site Experiments.
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Fabrication of JFET device on Si (111) for sensor interface array circuit.
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Fast global motion estimation algorithm based on elementary motion detectors.
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Vision based User Interface for Cellular Phones.
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