Kevin Curran

According to our database1, Kevin Curran authored at least 187 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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A multimodal smartphone sensor system for behaviour measurement and health status inference.
Information Fusion, 2020

Chatbots for online banking services.
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An investigation into smartphone based weakly supervised activity recognition systems.
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2019

The Application of Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics to Customer Experience Reviews to Understand What Customers Are Really Saying.
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Evaluating User Engagement with a Reminiscence App Using Cross-Comparative Analysis of User Event Logs and Qualitative Data.
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An overview of steganography techniques applied to the protection of biometric data.
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Detecting the Use of Anonymous Proxies.
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Hybrid passive and active approach to tracking movement within indoor environments.
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Location and mobility-aware routing for multimedia streaming in disaster telemedicine.
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Assessing usability testing for people living with dementia.
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Crowdsourced Data Collection of Physical Activity and Health Status: An App Solution.
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How IBM Watson Can Help Us Understand Character in Shakespeare: A Cognitive Computing Approach to the Plays.
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Glove-Based Technology in Hand Rehabilitation.
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Mobile device security.
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Drones and Privacy.
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A Novel Cue based Picture Word Shape Character Password Creation Scheme.
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The detection of empty resist bottles or air in the resist lines of a photolithography coating tool.
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Opportunistic Neighbour Prediction Using an Artificial Neural Network.
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Personal Sensing Wear: The Role of Textile Sensors.
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Social Networking Analysis.
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Detecting Anonymising Proxy Usage on the Internet.
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Editorial to the Special Section on Ambient Intelligence and Assistive Technologies for Cognitive Impaired People.
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A Lightweight Authentication Protocol for Secure Communications between Resource-Limited Devices and Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Detection of Social Interaction Using Mobile Phones via Device Free Passive Localisation.
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An Active Low Cost Mesh Networking Indoor Tracking System.
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Detection of multi-occupancy using device-free passive localisation.
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To wireless fidelity and beyond - CAPTURE, extending indoor positioning systems.
Proceedings of the 2014 Ubiquitous Positioning Indoor Navigation and Location Based Service, 2014

CAPTURE - Cooperatively applied positioning techniques utilizing range extensions.
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, 2014

A self-similarity approach to repairing large dropouts of streamed music.

IoTs (Internet of Things) and DfPL (Device-free Passive Localisation) in a disaster management scenario.
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 2013

A novel approach to digital watermarking, exploiting colour spaces.
Signal Processing, 2013

Probabilistic indoor human movement modeling to aid first responders.
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Social Networking in Education.
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Social Networking and Health.
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A Survey of Geographical Routing in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks.
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Context-aware intelligent recommendation system for tourism.
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Novel smart sensor glove for arthritis rehabiliation.
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Novel smart sensor glove for arthritis rehabiliation.
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A practical network coding and routing scheme based on maximum flow combination.
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HTML5 and the Mobile Web.
IJIDE, 2012

IJICST, 2012

Using acoustic sensors to discriminate between nasal and mouth breathing.
IJBRA, 2012

A dynamic threshold approach for skin tone detection in colour images.
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HABITS: a Bayesian filter approach to indoor tracking and location.
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Man in the Browser Attacks.
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A survey of active and passive indoor localisation systems.
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A new method to determine joint range of movement and stiffness in rheumatoid arthritic patients.
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An evaluation of indoor location determination technologies.
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Learning indoor movement habits for predictive control.
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Cheating in Exams with Technology.
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The Role of Twitter in the World of Business.
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The Core Aspects of Search Engine Optimisation Necessary to Move up the Ranking.
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The Role of Augmented Reality within Ambient Intelligence.
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The Problems of Jurisdiction on the Internet.
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Cloud Computing Security.
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Wearable rehab technology for automatic measurement of patients with arthritis.
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Context-Awareness in Ambient Intelligence.
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An Activity Monitoring Application for Windows Mobile Devices.
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Ambient Interface Design (AID) for the Ergonomically Challenged.
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Managing Step Changes in Information System Support: Lessons from an Industrial Study.
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Ambient Communication Experience (ACE).
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RFID-Enabled Location Determination Within Indoor Environments.
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Improved Blind Watermarking of 3D Objects Based on Partition.
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A new colour space for skin tone detection.
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Investigating the human computer interaction problems with automated teller machine navigation menus.
Interact. Techn. Smart Edu., 2008

A multilingual mobile university information portal designed to cater for visiting overseas students.
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Pinpointing users with location estimation techniques and Wi-Fi hotspot technology.
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Autonomic Vehicles.
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Investigating the Human Computer Interaction Problems with Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Navigation Menus.
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Disruption Tolerant Networking.
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Image Analysis for Online Dynamic Steganography Detection.
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Cognitive Radio.
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Artificial intelligence and networking.
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