Koenraad Debackere

According to our database1, Koenraad Debackere authored at least 30 papers between 1994 and 2020.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Scenario-driven forecasting: modeling peaks and paths. Insights from the COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium.
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Citation Classes: A Distribution-based Approach for Evaluative Purposes.
Proceedings of the Springer Handbook of Science and Technology Indicators., 2019

Scientometrics Shaping Science Policy and vice versa, the ECOOM Case.
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Improved author profiling through the use of citation classes.
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Productivity, performance, efficiency, impact - What do we measure anyway?: Some comments on the paper "A farewell to the MNCS and like size-independent indicators" by Abramo and D'Angelo.
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Origin and emergence of entrepreneurship as a research field.
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The application of citation-based performance classes to the disciplinary and multidisciplinary assessment in national comparison and institutional research assessment.
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Event report: esss 2011 - Scientometric education in Indian summer at the University of Vienna.
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esss 2010: A review of the inaugurational European Summer School for Scientometrics in Berlin.
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A priori vs. a posteriori normalisation of citation indicators. The case of journal ranking.
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Thinking along: a process for tapping into knowledge across boundaries.
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Can applied science be 'good science'? Exploring the relationship between patent citations and citation impact in nanoscience.
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European Summer School for Scientometrics (ESSS) to be launched.
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Subfield-specific normalized relative indicators and a new generation of relational charts: Methodological foundations illustrated on the assessment of institutional research performance.
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'Triad' or 'tetrad'? On global changes in a dynamic world.
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On material transfer agreements and visibility of researchers in biotechnology.
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Do material transfer agreements affect the choice of research agendas? The case of biotechnology in Belgium.
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Developing technology in the vicinity of science: An examination of the relationship between science intensity (of patents) and technological productivity within the field of biotechnology.
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Patent evolution in relation to public/private R&D investment and corporate profitability: Evidence from the United States.
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Scientific capabilities and technological performance of national innovation systems: An exploration of emerging industrial relevant research domains.
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A concise review on the role of author self-citations in information science, bibliometrics and science policy.
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Traces of Prior Art: An analysis of non-patent references found in patent documents.
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Using a bibliometric approach to support research policy making: The case of the Flemish BOF-key.
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Science cited in patents: A geographic "flow" analysis of bibliographic citation patterns in patents.
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Entrepreneurial universities and the dynamics of academic knowledge production: A case study of basic vs. applied research in Belgium.
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Do science-technology interactions pay off when developing technology?.
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Linking science to technology: Using bibliographic references in patents to build linkage schemes.
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Can technology lead to a competitive advantage? A case study of Flanders using european patent data.
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Advanced Bibliometric Methods to Model the Relationship between Entry Behavior and Networking in Emerging Technological Communities.
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