Korhan Cengiz

According to our database1, Korhan Cengiz authored at least 37 papers between 2015 and 2022.

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Energy Efficient Resource Migration Based Load Balance Mechanism for High Traffic Applications IoT.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2022

3D Localization and Error Minimization in Underwater Sensor Networks.
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Underwater estimation of audio signal prediction using fruit fly algorithm and hybrid wavelet neural network.
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Artificial Intelligence in Beyond 5G and 6G Reliable Communications.
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Hybrid Cache Management in IoT-Based Named Data Networking.
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3D convolutional neural networks based automatic modulation classification in the presence of channel noise.
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An impact study of COVID-19 on six different industries: Automobile, energy and power, agriculture, education, travel and tourism and consumer electronics.
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TDMA policy to optimize resource utilization in Wireless Sensor Networks using reinforcement learning for ambient environment.
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Lattice-based cryptosystems for the security of resource-constrained IoT devices in post-quantum world: a survey.
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Load-balance scheduling for intelligent sensors deployment in industrial internet of things.
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Early alert for sleep deprivation using mobile sensor data fusion.
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A new and reliable intelligent model for deployment of sensor nodes for IoT applications.
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Joint optimal power splitting and relay selection strategy under SWIPT.
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Dual Band and Dual Diversity Four-Element MIMO Dipole for 5G Handsets.
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An IOT and Blockchain Approach for Food Traceability System in Agriculture.
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IoT based smart agrotech system for verification of Urban farming parameters.
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BEPO: A novel binary emperor penguin optimizer for automatic feature selection.
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Application of clustering algorithm in complex landscape farmland synthetic aperture radar image segmentation.
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Bi-GISIS KE: Modified key exchange protocol with reusable keys for IoT security.
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Global cryptocurrency trend prediction using social media.
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GUEST EDITORIAL: Internet of Medical Things in the Context of COVID-19.
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Comprehensive Analysis on Least-Squares Lateration for Indoor Positioning Systems.
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An Optimized Deep Learning based Technique for Grading and Extraction of Diabetic Retinopathy Severities.
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Realization of Agricultural Machinery Equipment Management Information System Based on Network.
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Cooperative spectrum sensing optimization for cognitive radio in 6 G networks.
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