Kris M. Y. Law

According to our database1, Kris M. Y. Law authored at least 20 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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A Rule-Based Quality Analytics System for the Global Wine Industry.
J. Glob. Inf. Manag., 2021

Using Publicized Information to Determine the Sustainable Development of 3-PL Companies.
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An empirical analysis of intention of use for bike-sharing system in China through machine learning techniques.
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A study of KOL effectiveness on brand image of skincare products.
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Comparative analysis of Student's live online learning readiness during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the higher education sector.
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Ongoing transformation of critical infrastructure systems as cyberphysical-human systems.
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Investigating consumer preferences on product designs by analyzing opinions from social networks using evidential reasoning.
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What drives success in product innovation? Empirical evidence in high-tech and low-tech manufacturers in China.
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Student enrollment, motivation and learning performance in a blended learning environment: The mediating effects of social, teaching, and cognitive presence.
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Project management SPOC with animation.
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How schedule issues affect drug logistics operations: an empirical study in hospitals in China.
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A RFID-based Resource Allocation System for garment manufacturing.
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A hybrid OLAP-association rule mining based quality management system for extracting defect patterns in the garment industry.
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Analyzing supply chain operation models with the PC-algorithm and the neural network.
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Sustaining effective business value chain: future challenges.
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Critical factors for an effective business value chain.
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Learning motivation in e-learning facilitated computer programming courses.
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The role of electronic pocket dictionaries as an English learning tool among Chinese students.
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Managing supply chains: lessons learned and future challenges.
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On Students' Strategy-Preferences for Managing Difficult Course Work.
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