Chun-Ho Wu

According to our database1, Chun-Ho Wu authored at least 39 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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Evaluating the effectiveness of learning design with mixed reality (MR) in higher education.
Virtual Real., 2020

Modelling near-real-time order arrival demand in e-commerce context: a machine learning predictive methodology.
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Nursing shortage in the public healthcare system: an exploratory study of Hong Kong.
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White blood cell classification.
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Inception v3 based cervical cell classification combined with artificially extracted features.
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A Computer Vision-Based Roadside Occupation Surveillance System for Intelligent Transport in Smart Cities.
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Multi-Objective Mapping Method for 3D Environmental Sensor Network Deployment.
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Enhancing online-to-offline specific customer loyalty in beauty industry.
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Blockchain-Driven IoT for Food Traceability With an Integrated Consensus Mechanism.
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An Internet of Things (IoT)-based risk monitoring system for managing cold supply chain risks.
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A Smart Bat Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Deployment in 3-D Environment.
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An improved Huffman coding with encryption for Radio Data System (RDS) for smart transportation.
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Analyzing manufacturer and the insurance-based risk mitigation policy with equipment service contracting.
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A semantic similarity analysis of Internet of Things.
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Evolutionary game analysis and regulatory strategies for online group-buying based on system dynamics.
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A feasibility study of stateful automaton packet inspection for streaming application detection systems.
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ECG Sensor Verification System with Mean-Interval Algorithm for Handling Sport Issue.
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An online niche-market tour identification system for the travel and tourism industry.
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Franchising decision support system for formulating a center positioning strategy.
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Workforce modelling, analysis and planning: A feasibility study in a local nursing home.
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A novel 3D model retrieval approach using combined shape distribution.
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Customer relationship mining system for effective strategies formulation.
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Design of a EHS Module for an Intelligent Automobile Parking Platform.
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Using a fuzzy association rule mining approach to identify the financial data association.
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A case study on multimedia e-tailing services: can watermarks help build customer relationships?
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