Kwang-Moo Choe

According to our database1, Kwang-Moo Choe authored at least 37 papers between 1985 and 2013.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of four.
  • Erdős number3 of five.



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PhD thesis 





Detection of harmful schizophrenic statements in esterel.
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Region-based parallelization of irregular reductions on explicitly managed memory hierarchies.
The Journal of Supercomputing, 2011

Cycle elimination for invocation graph-based context-sensitive pointer analysis.
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String Analysis as an Abstract Interpretation.
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Composition-based Cache simulation for structure reorganization.
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Filtering false alarms of buffer overflow analysis using SMT solvers.
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Over-Approximated Control Flow Graph Construction on Pure Esterel.
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Points-to analysis for JavaScript.
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Refining schizophrenia via graph reachability in Esterel.
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A Powerful LL(k) Covering Transformation.
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Static Extensivity Analysis for ?-Definable Functions over Lattices.
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Interprocedural exception analysis for Java.
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An efficient bottom-up tree pattern matching that performs dynamic programming for code generation.
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Path for AND-Parallel Execution of Logic Programs.
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Grammar Coverings of a Deterministic Parser with Action Conflicts.
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An Efficient Computation of Right Context for LR-Based Error Repair.
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Boundedly LR( k )-conflictable Grammars.
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Abstract filters: improving bottom-up execution of logic programs by two-phase abstract interpretation.
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Syntactic Error Repair Using Repair Patterns.
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An Improved LALR(k) Parser Generation for Regular Right Part Grammars.
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On the Reduction of LR(k) Parsers.
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A Description of Dynamic Behavior for Compilers Based on Object Oriented Modeling.
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Static Filtering on Stratified Programs.
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Efficient Bottom-Up Execution of Logic Programs Using Abstract Interpretation.
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Refined Mark(s)-Set-Based Backtrack Literal Selection for and Parallelism in Logic Programs.
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Corrigenda: Yet Another Efficient Backward Execution Algorithm in the AND/OR Process Model.
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Corrigenda: SLR(k) Covering for LR(k) Grammars.
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SLR(k) Covering for LR(k) Grammars.
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Yet Another Efficient Backward Execution Algorithm in the AND/OR Process Model.
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Remarks on Recent Algorithms for LALR Lookahead Sets.
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Efficient Computation of the Locally Least-Cost Insertion String for the LR Error Repair.
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