Leo Obrst

According to our database1, Leo Obrst authored at least 35 papers between 1997 and 2019.

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Embracing the Formal Revolution in Applied Ontology: The Impact of Nicola Guarino.
Proceedings of the Ontology Makes Sense - Essays in honor of Nicola Guarino, 2019

The Rich Event Ontology.
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Internet of things: Toward smart networked systems and societies.
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Semantic Web and Big Data meets Applied Ontology - The Ontology Summit 2014.
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Towards ontology evaluation across the life cycleThe Ontology Summit 2013.
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Fast Semantic Attribute-Role-Based Access Control (ARBAC).
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Ontology for Big Systems: The Ontology Summit 2012 Communiqué.
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Developing an Ontology of the Cyber Security Domain.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Semantic Technologies for Intelligence, 2012

Fast semantic Attribute-Role-Based Access Control (ARBAC) in a collaborative environment.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, 2012

A Spectrum of Linguistic Humor: Humor as Linguistic Design Space Construction Based on Meta-Linguistic Constraints.
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Creating the ontologists of the future.
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Enabling Rich Discovery of Web Services by Projecting Weak Semantics from Structural Specifications.
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A net-centric metadata framework for service-oriented environments.
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Using Ontology Alignment to Dynamically Chain Web Services.
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Dynamic Web Service Assembly Using OWL and a Theorem Prover.
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Ontologies for Rapid Integration of Heterogeneous Data for Command, Control, & Intelligence.
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Ontologies, Semantic Technologies, and Intelligence: Looking Toward the Future.
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Introduction: Ontologies, Semantic Technologies, and Intelligence.
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Evolving Use of Distributed Semantics to Achieve Net-centricity.
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The 2006 Upper Ontology Summit Joint Communiqué.
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Prospects and Possibilities for Ontology Evaluation: The View from NCOR.
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Applying Semantic Rules to Achieve Dynamic Service Oriented Architectures.
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Dynamic Service Oriented Architectures Through Semantic Technology.
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Unpacking The Semantics of Source and Usage To Perform Semantic Reconciliation In Large-Scale Information Systems.
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Constraints and Agents in MADE-smart.
Proceedings of the Constraints & Agents: Collected Papers from the 1997 AAAI Workshop, 1997