Lu Leng

According to our database1, Lu Leng authored at least 27 papers between 2010 and 2019.

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Non-local Dehazing enhanced by color gradient.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2019

Curvature Bag of Words Model for Shape Recognition.
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Palmprint recognition system on mobile devices with double-line-single-point assistance.
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Image Completion Based on Structure Reconstruction and Constraint.
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Lossless data hiding for absolute moment block truncation coding using histogram modification.
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Separable reversible data hiding in encrypted halftone image.
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Object Detection Based on Multi-Layer Convolution Feature Fusion and Online Hard Example Mining.
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Dual-source discrimination power analysis for multi-instance contactless palmprint recognition.
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Design of an anonymity-preserving three-factor authenticated key exchange protocol for wireless sensor networks.
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Palmprint Matching.
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Alignment-free row-co-occurrence cancelable palmprint Fuzzy Vault.
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Orientation range of transposition for vertical correlation suppression of 2DPalmPhasor Code.
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Energy-based adaptive matching pursuit algorithm for binary sparse signal reconstruction in compressed sensing.
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A remote cancelable palmprint authentication protocol based on multi-directional two-dimensional PalmPhasor-fusion.
Security and Communication Networks, 2014

Inversion of Aerosol Optical Depth Based on the CCD and IRS Sensors on the HJ-1 Satellites.
Remote Sensing, 2014

Analysis of correlation of 2DPalmHash Code and orientation range suitable for transposition.
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