Tao Jia

According to our database1, Tao Jia authored at least 85 papers between 2004 and 2022.

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Transit Voronoi diagrams in multi-mode public transport networks.
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Nighttime Vitality and Its Relationship to Urban Diversity: An Exploratory Analysis in Shenzhen, China.
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CoarSAS2hvec: Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding with Balanced Network Sampling.
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The maximum capability of a topological feature in link prediction.
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Accelerated functional brain aging in major depressive disorder: evidence from a large scale fMRI analysis of Chinese participants.
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Temporal Network Epistemology: on Reaching Consensus in Real World Setting.
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Independent Asymmetric Embedding for Information Diffusion Prediction on Social Networks.
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CCasGNN: Collaborative Cascade Prediction Based on Graph Neural Networks.
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Delineating a hierarchical organization of ranked urban clusters using a spatial interaction network.
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Correction to "Predicting Citywide Road Traffic Flow Using Deep Spatiotemporal Neural Networks".
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Predicting Citywide Road Traffic Flow Using Deep Spatiotemporal Neural Networks.
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A Novel Compressive Sensing-Based Multichannel HRWS SAR Imaging Technique for Moving Targets.
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Searching and Tracking an Unknown Number of Targets: A Learning-Based Method Enhanced with Maps Merging.
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Using Eco-Geographical Zoning Data and Crowdsourcing to Improve the Detection of Spurious Land Cover Changes.
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The dominance of big teams in China's scientific output.
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The rank boost by inconsistency in university rankings: Evidence from 14 rankings of Chinese universities.
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Saliency detection via cross-scale deep inference.
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Gaze estimation via bilinear pooling-based attention networks.
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Become a better you: Correlation between the change of research direction and the change of scientific performance.
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CasSeqGCN: Combining Network Structure and Temporal Sequence to Predict Information Cascades.
CoRR, 2021

Independent Asymmetric Embedding Model for Cascade Prediction on Social Network.
CoRR, 2021

A paper's corresponding affiliation and first affiliation are consistent at the country level in Web of Science.
CoRR, 2021

Impacts of inspection rate on integrated inventory models with defective items considering capacity utilization: Rework-versus delivery-priority.
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Extraction of Formal Manufacturing Rules from Unstructured English Text.
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Exploring the Factors Controlling Nighttime Lights from Prefecture Cities in Mainland China with the Hierarchical Linear Model.
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An empirical study on the intra-urban goods movement patterns using logistics big data.
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Data analytics of urban fabric metrics for smart cities.
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A generalized linear threshold model for an improved description of the spreading dynamics.
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Measuring similarity in co-occurrence data using ego-networks.
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China may need to support more small teams in scientific research.
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Using Open Big Data to Build and Analyze Urban Bus Network Models within and across Administrations.
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Coordinating Manipulation in Real-time Interactive Mechanism of College Admission: Agent-Based Simulations.
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Competitive dual-collecting regarding consumer behavior and coordination in closed-loop supply chain.
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Research on Big Data Storage Method based on IPFS and Blockchain.
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From Syntactic Structure to Semantic Relationship: Hypernym Extraction from Definitions by Recurrent Neural Networks Using the Part of Speech Information.
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Deriving a Forest Cover Map in Kyrgyzstan Using a Hybrid Fusion Strategy.
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Automated feedback generation for formal manufacturing rule extraction.
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Proactive and reactive resource-constrained max-NPV project scheduling with random activity duration.
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The impact of product returns on price and delivery time competition in online retailing.
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The Bullwhip Effect in an Online Retail Supply Chain: A Perspective of Price-Sensitive Demand Based on the Price Discount in E-Commerce.
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Characterizing the Growth Patterns of 45 Major Metropolitans in Mainland China Using DMSP/OLS Data.
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Understanding the Functionality of Human Activity Hotspots from Their Scaling Pattern Using Trajectory Data.
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Computing a hierarchy favored optimal route in a Voronoi-based road network with multiple levels of detail.
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Quantifying patterns of research interest evolution.
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Optimal production-delivery policy for a vendor-buyers integrated system considering postponed simultaneous delivery.
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