Luca Tesei

According to our database1, Luca Tesei authored at least 53 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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Computational modelling and data-driven techniques for systems analysis.
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Topological Run-time Monitoring for Complex Systems.
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An algebraic language for RNA pseudoknots comparison.
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A Persistent Entropy Automaton for the Dow Jones Stock Market.
Proceedings of the Fundamentals of Software Engineering - 8th International Conference, 2019

Big Data: Business, Technology, Education, and Science: Big Data (Ubiquity symposium).
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An algebraic representation for tree alignment of RNA pseudoknotted structures.
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Uniformity in Multiscale Models: From Complex Automata to BioShape.
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Timed process calculi with deterministic or stochastic delays: Commuting between durational and durationless actions.
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Adaptability checking in complex systems.
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A Graph Grammar for Modelling RNA Folding.
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Survey of TOPDRIM Applications of Topological Data Analysis.
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A Formal Model for Event-Condition-Action Rules in Intelligent Environments.
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Topological characterization of S[B] systems: From data to models of complexity.
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Probabilistic Modelling and Analysis of a Fish Population.
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Towards a Shape Language for Interpreting RNA Folding.
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A Constrained ECA Language Supporting Formal Verification of WSNs.
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Adaptability Checking in Multi-Level Complex Systems.
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Sea-Scale Agent-Based Simulator of Solea solea in the Adriatic Sea.
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Timed process calculi: from durationless actions to durational ones.
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DISPAS: An Agent-Based Tool for the Management of Fishing Effort.
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Encoding Timed Models as Uniform Labeled Transition Systems.
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Towards Abstraction-Based Verification of Shape Calculus.
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A multi-level model for self-adaptive systems
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A Geometrical Refinement of Shape Calculus Enabling Direct Simulation.
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Spatial P systems.
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ACTIVAge: proACTIVe and Self-Adaptive Social Sensor Network for Ageing People.
ERCIM News, 2011

A Uniform Multiscale Meta-model of BioShape.
Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., 2011

Multiscale Modelling: A Mobile Membrane Approach
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A Testing Framework for P Systems
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BIOSHAPE\textsc{BioShape}: End-User Development for Simulating Biological Systems.
Proceedings of the End-User Development - Third International Symposium, 2011

Detecting synchronisation of biological oscillators by model checking.
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BioShape: a spatial shape-based scale-independent simulation environment for biological systems.
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Timed Operational Semantics and Well-Formedness of Shape Calculus.
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Shape Calculus. A Spatial Mobile Calculus for 3D Shapes.
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Shape Calculus: Timed Operational Semantics and Well-formedness
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Multiscale Bone Remodelling with Spatial P Systems
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An Individual-based Probabilistic Model for Fish Stock Simulation
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An Abstract Interpretation Approach for Enhancing the Java Bytecode Verifier.
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Timed P Automata.
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Model Checking Biological Oscillators.
Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., 2009

Timed P Automata.
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A Shape Calculus for Biological Processes.
Proceedings of the Theoretical Computer Science, 11th Italian Conference, 2009

Quality of service in e-government underlines the role of information usability.
IJIQ, 2008

A model-prover for constrained dynamic conversations.
Proceedings of the iiWAS'2008, 2008

Abstract Interpretation Against Races.
Fundam. Inform., 2004

Timed automata with urgent transitions.
Acta Inf., 2004

Abstract Interpretation and Model Checking for Checking Secure Information Flow in Concurrent Systems.
Fundam. Inform., 2003

A Decidable Notion of Timed Non-Interference.
Fundam. Inform., 2003

A Notion of Non-Interference for Timed Automata.
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Fixing the Java bytecode verifier by a suitable type domain.
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Timed Automata with non-Instantaneous Actions.
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