Lyndon N. Smith

According to our database1, Lyndon N. Smith authored at least 41 papers between 2000 and 2018.

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Photometric stereo for three-dimensional leaf venation extraction.
Computers in Industry, 2018

Innovative 3D and 2D machine vision methods for analysis of plants and crops in the field.
Computers in Industry, 2018

Special issue on: Machine vision for outdoor environments.
Computers in Industry, 2018

Towards on-farm pig face recognition using convolutional neural networks.
Computers in Industry, 2018

Automated monitoring of dairy cow body condition, mobility and weight using a single 3D video capture device.
Computers in Industry, 2018

Visual features based boosted classification of weeds for real-time selective herbicide sprayer systems.
Computers in Industry, 2018

Gender and gaze gesture recognition for human-computer interaction.
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Combination of 3D skin surface texture features and 2D ABCD features for improved melanoma diagnosis.
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An improved photometric stereo through distance estimation and light vector optimization from diffused maxima region.
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Non-Contact Pulmonary Functional Testing Through an Improved Photometric Stereo Approach.
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An improved 3D imaging system for dimensional quality inspection of rolled products in the metal industry.
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Real-time recovery of moving 3D faces for emerging applications.
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Combinatorial photometric stereo and its application in 3D modeling of melanoma.
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Distribution quantification on dermoscopy images for computer-assisted diagnosis of cutaneous melanomas.
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A neural network approach for selection of powder metallurgy materials and process parameters.
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