M. Graça Ruano

According to our database1, M. Graça Ruano authored at least 22 papers between 1993 and 2017.

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An intelligent support system for automatic detection of cerebral vascular accidents from brain CT images.
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A method for sub-sample computation of time displacements between discrete signals based only on discrete correlation sequences.
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Intelligent non-invasive modeling of ultrasound-induced temperature in tissue phantoms.
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On the viability of ECG features for seizure anticipation on long-term data.
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A Support Vector Machine Seismic Detector for Early-Warning Applications.
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Characterization of Temperature-Dependent Echo-Shifts and Backscattered Energy Induced by Thermal Ultrasound.
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On the Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Biomedical Applications.
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On-Line Operation of an Intelligent Seismic Detector.
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