Madjid Tavana

According to our database1, Madjid Tavana authored at least 144 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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A chance-constrained portfolio selection model with random-rough variables.
Neural Computing and Applications, 2019

A tuned hybrid intelligent fruit fly optimization algorithm for fuzzy rule generation and classification.
Neural Computing and Applications, 2019

An improved particle swarm optimization model for solving homogeneous discounted series-parallel redundancy allocation problems.
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A novel hybrid method for selecting soccer players during the transfer season.
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The value of information as a verification and regret-preventing mechanism in algorithmic search environments.
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An Artificial Neural Network and Bayesian Network model for liquidity risk assessment in banking.
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A novel two-stage DEA production model with freely distributed initial inputs and shared intermediate outputs.
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A discrete cuckoo optimization algorithm for consolidation in cloud computing.
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A new dynamic range directional measure for two-stage data envelopment analysis models with negative data.
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2018

Efficiency decomposition and measurement in two-stage fuzzy DEA models using a bargaining game approach.
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An aggregation method for solving group multi-criteria decision-making problems with single-valued neutrosophic sets.
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Fuzzy chance-constrained geometric programming: the possibility, necessity and credibility approaches.
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A hybrid goal programming and dynamic data envelopment analysis framework for sustainable supplier evaluation.
Neural Computing and Applications, 2017

The emergence of inclusive and exclusive virtual communities determined by the preferences of their users.
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A multi-criteria perception-based strict-ordering algorithm for identifying the most-preferred choice among equally-evaluated alternatives.
Inf. Sci., 2017

A Novel Decision Support Framework for Computing Expected Utilities from Linguistic Evaluations.
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Drone shipping versus truck delivery in a cross-docking system with multiple fleets and products.
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Recent Fuzzy Generalisations of Rough Sets Theory: A Systematic Review and Methodological Critique of the Literature.
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Managing Information Uncertainty and Complexity in Decision-Making.
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The effect of preference similarity on the formation of clusters and the connectivity of social networks.
Computers in Human Behavior, 2017

A bi-objective multi-period series-parallel inventory-redundancy allocation problem with time value of money and inflation considerations.
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2017

A novel method for selecting a single efficient unit in data envelopment analysis without explicit inputs/outputs.
Annals OR, 2017

Subdividing Labeling Genetic Algorithm: A new method for solving continuous nonlinear optimization problems.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 2017

An integrated data envelopment analysis and simulation method for group consensus ranking.
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 2016

Solving Geometric Programming Problems with Normal, Linear and Zigzag Uncertainty Distributions.
J. Optimization Theory and Applications, 2016

Solving Geometric Programming Problems with Normal, Linear and Zigzag Uncertainty Distributions.
J. Optimization Theory and Applications, 2016

Modeling signal-based decisions in online search environments: A non-recursive forward-looking approach.
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Multi-objective control chart design optimization using NSGA-III and MOPSO enhanced with DEA and TOPSIS.
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Modeling synergies in multi-criteria supplier selection and order allocation: An application to commodity trading.
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Modeling Sequential Information Acquisition Behavior in Rational Decision Making.
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An Improved Method for Edge Detection and Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Cellular Automata.
Cybernetics and Systems, 2016

An extended VIKOR method using stochastic data and subjective judgments.
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2016

An integrated intuitionistic fuzzy AHP and SWOT method for outsourcing reverse logistics.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2016

An integrated data envelopment analysis and free disposal hull framework for cost-efficiency measurement using rough sets.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2016

A bi-objective inventory optimization model under inflation and discount using tuned Pareto-based algorithms: NSGA-II, NRGA, and MOPSO.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2016

A comprehensive fuzzy DEA model for emerging market assessment and selection decisions.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2016

Loyal customer bases as innovation disincentives for duopolistic firms using strategic signaling and Bayesian analysis.
Annals OR, 2016

Self-Organizing Social Networks by Preference Similarity and the Networking Capacity of their Users.
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Solving multi-mode time-cost-quality trade-off problems under generalized precedence relations.
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A Bounded Data Envelopment Analysis Model in a Fuzzy Environment with an Application to Safety in the Semiconductor Industry.
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Technology Development through Knowledge Assimilation and Innovation: A European Perspective.
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A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Open Source Software Project Characteristics on Positive Outcomes.
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An ordinal ranking criterion for the subjective evaluation of alternatives and exchange reliability.
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A bilateral exchange model: The paradox of quantifying the linguistic values of qualitative characteristics.
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Choice Manipulation Through Comparability in Markets with Verifiable Multi-Attribute Products.
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Convex and non-convex approaches for cost efficiency models with fuzzy data.
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A multicriteria spatial decision support system for solving emergency service station location problems.
International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 2015

A fuzzy hybrid project portfolio selection method using Data Envelopment Analysis, TOPSIS and Integer Programming.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2015

A data envelopment analysis model with interval data and undesirable output for combined cycle power plant performance assessment.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2015

A novel entropy-based decision support framework for uncertainty resolution in the initial subjective evaluations of experts: The NATO enlargement problem.
Decision Support Systems, 2015

Using extended Axiomatic Design theory to reduce complexities in Global Software Development projects.
Computers in Industry, 2015

An integrated three-stage maintenance scheduling model for unrelated parallel machines with aging effect and multi-maintenance activities.
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2015

A common-weights DEA model for centralized resource reduction and target setting.
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2015

Extended symmetric and asymmetric weight assignment methods in data envelopment analysis.
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2015

A novel multi-objective meta-heuristic model for solving cross-docking scheduling problems.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2015

A hybrid fuzzy MCDM method for measuring the performance of publicly held pharmaceutical companies.
Annals OR, 2015

Ein selbstregelnder Informationsbeschaffungsalgorithmus zur Vermeidung von Auswahlbedauern bei multiperspektivischen Entscheidungsfindungen.
Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2014

The Redundancy Queuing-Location-Allocation Problem: A Novel Approach.
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A Decision Support System for Solving Multi-Objective Redundancy Allocation Problems.
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A deterministic risk analysis and measurement model for assessing availability and integrity in command and control systems.
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A new multi-objective multi-mode model for solving preemptive time-cost-quality trade-off project scheduling problems.
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The Stability Model: An Interactive Framework for Measuring Robustness and Resiliency in Military Command and Control Systems.
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A fuzzy-QFD approach to balanced scorecard using an analytic network process.
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A novel hybrid social media platform selection model using fuzzy ANP and COPRAS-G.
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A hybrid fuzzy group decision support framework for advanced-technology prioritization at NASA.
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A new network epsilon-based DEA model for supply chain performance evaluation.
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Solving fuzzy Multidimensional Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problems: The multi-start Partial Bound Enumeration method versus the efficient epsilon-constraint method.
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A fuzzy multidimensional multiple-choice knapsack model for project portfolio selection using an evolutionary algorithm.
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A Hybrid Strategic Development and Prioritization Model for Information and Communication Technology Enhancement.
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An Automated Workforce Clustering Method for Business Process Reengineering in Research and Development Organizations.
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Supplier selection and order allocation with process performance index in supply chain management.
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Productivity Growth and Efficiency Measurements in Fuzzy Environments with an Application to Health Care.
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Note on a comparative evaluation of nine well-known algorithms for solving the cell formation problem in group technology.
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Rho: A decision support system for pricing in law firms.
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Evaluating strategic alternatives: An analytical model.
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