Mahmoud Boufaïda

According to our database1, Mahmoud Boufaïda authored at least 61 papers between 1993 and 2019.

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Context-based interoperability of semantic web services.
IJMSO, 2019

Formal Transaction Modeling and Verification for an Adaptable Web Service Orchestration.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, 2018

Malware Detection System Based on an In-Depth Analysis of the Portable Executable Headers.
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Variability Modelling for Elastic Scaling in Cloud Computing.
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An Adaptation Architecture Dedicated to Personalized Management of Multimedia Documents.
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An Evolutive Component-Based Method for Agile Development of Service Oriented Architectures.
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Analysing timed compatibility of web service choreography.
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Using Event B to Specify Context Awareness for Service Discovery in Pervasive Environments.
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An Approach Based on Service Components for Adapting Web-Oriented Applications.
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A Collaboration Model: A Service Selection Mechanism to Support Companies' Interoperability.
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Using variability modelling and design patterns for self-adaptive system engineering: application to smart-home.
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The Need for Formal Compatibility Analysis in Web Service Choreography via an E-Commerce Application.
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Integrating Multi-View Model and Agent Paradigm in the Supply Chain Design.
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An architecture using formal interaction protocols for business process integration in e-government.
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An approach for developing an interoperability mechanism between cloud providers.
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A Model to Specify Inter-company Cooperation.
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An Adaptation Architecture of Multimedia Documents for Management of the Quality of Service.
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Multi-Agent Architecture for Developing Cooperative E-Business Applications.

A Generic P2P Collaborative Strategy for Discovering and Composing Semantic Web Services.
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Un Modèle de Transformation des Patrons de Conception de l'Orienté Objet vers l'Orienté Aspect.
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Formalisation and verification of interaction protocols for business process integration: a Petri net approach.
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Contract-Based Approach to Analyze Software Components.
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The Viewpoint Mechanism for Object-oriented Databases Modelling, Distribution and Evolution.
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A Specification and Validation Approach for Business Process Integration based on Web Services and Agents.
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