Marco Pagani

According to our database1, Marco Pagani authored at least 35 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Modeling and Analysis of Bus Contention for Hardware Accelerators in FPGA SoCs (Artifact).
DARTS, 2020

Modeling and Analysis of Bus Contention for Hardware Accelerators in FPGA SoCs.
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Is Your Bus Arbiter Really Fair? Restoring Fairness in AXI Interconnects for FPGA SoCs.
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Scaled Subprofile Modeling and Convolutional Neural Networks for the Identification of Parkinson's Disease in 3D Nuclear Imaging Data.
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A Bandwidth Reservation Mechanism for AXI-Based Hardware Accelerators on FPGAs.
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A Linux-based support for developing real-time applications on heterogeneous platforms with dynamic FPGA reconfiguration.
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Predicting the transition from normal aging to Alzheimer's disease: A statistical mechanistic evaluation of FDG-PET data.
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Structural covariance networks in the mouse brain.
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ARTE: arduino real-time extension for programming multitasking applications.
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A Framework for Supporting Real-Time Applications on Dynamic Reconfigurable FPGAs.
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No association between striatal dopamine transporter binding and body mass index: A multi-center European study in healthy volunteers.
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Timeline-Based Planning for Engaging Training Experiences.
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Online Education in a Large Scale Rehabilitation Institution.
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Fusion Strategies Based on the OWA Operator in Environmental Applications.
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Fund Flows, Performance, Managerial Career Concerns, and Risk Taking.
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Online CME Usage Patterns.
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Modeling Users of Crisis Training Environments by Integrating Psychological and Physiological Data.
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E-Learning for Occupational Physicians' CME: a Study Case.
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Imperfect Multisource Spatial Data Fusion Based on a Local Consensual Dynamics.
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Development of an E-learning System for Occupational Medicine: Usability Issues.
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A Flexible News Filtering Model Exploiting a Hierarchical Fuzzy Categorization.
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Putting E-government to Work in Healthcare Environment: a Multiregional Project Funded by the Italian Innovation & Technology Ministry.
Proceedings of the MEDINFO 2004, 2004