Marcus Oswald

According to our database1, Marcus Oswald authored at least 31 papers between 1998 and 2019.

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Modelling TERT regulation across 19 different cancer types based on the MIPRIP 2.0 gene regulatory network approach.
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Characterizing Protein Interactions Employing a Genome-Wide siRNA Cellular Phenotyping Screen.
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A branch-and-bound algorithm for the coupled task problem.
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A Branch and Cut solver for the maximum stable set problem.
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Speeding up IP-based algorithms for constrained quadratic 0-1 optimization.
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PathWave: discovering patterns of differentially regulated enzymes in metabolic pathways.
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The simultaneous consecutive ones problem.
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Improved analysis of an algorithm for the coupled task problem with UET jobs.
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Computing Best Transition Pathways in High-Dimensional Dynamical Systems: Application to the AlphaL \leftrightharpoons Beta \leftrightharpoons AlphaR Transitions in Octaalanine.
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Proceedings of the LWA 2006: Lernen - Wissensentdeckung - Adaptivität, Hildesheim, Deutschland, October 9th-11th 2006, joint workshop event of several interest groups of the German Society for Informatics (GI) - 14th Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems (ABIS 2006) - Workshop Information Retrieval 2006 of the Special Interest Group Information Retrieval (FGIR 2006) - Workshop on Knowledge and Experience Management (FGWM 2006), 2006

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