Marek Parfieniuk

According to our database1, Marek Parfieniuk authored at least 32 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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A Parallel Factorization for Generating Orthogonal Matrices.
Proceedings of the Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, 2019

Versatile Quaternion Multipliers Based on Distributed Arithmetic.
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A critique of some rough approximations of the DCT.
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A versatile quaternion multiplier based on sparse-iteration 4D CORDIC.
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On Area-Efficient Implementation of Data Delays in 7 Series Xilinx FPGAs.
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Using the CS decomposition to compute the 8-point DCT.
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Wavelet-Like Lifting-Based Transform for Decomposing Images in Accordance with the Inter-prediction Principles of Video Coding.
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Encrypting Huffman-Encoded Data by Substituting Pairs of Code Words without Changing the Bit Count of a Pair.
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Short-critical-path and structurally orthogonal scaled CORDIC-based approximations of the eight-point discrete cosine transform.
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Pipelined embedded processor of quaternionic m-band wavelets for image multiresolution analysis.
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A Scalable Distributed Architecture for Emulating Unreliable Networks for Testing Multimedia Systems.
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A Compiler for a Domain-Specific Language for Rapid Implementation of DSP Transforms and Filter Banks.
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Evaluation of DocBook 5.0 in Documenting Research Applications.
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Polyphase components of an image as video frames: A way to code still images using H.264.
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FPGA implementation of short critical path CORDIC-based approximation of the eight-point DCT
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Quaternion Multiplier Inspired by the Lifting Implementation of Plane Rotations.
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Inherently lossless structures for eight- and six-channel linear-phase paraunitary filter banks based on quaternion multipliers.
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Quaternionic approach to the one-regular eight-band linear phase paraunitary filter banks.
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Frequency-domain auditory suppression modelling (FASM) - a WDFT-based anthropomorphic noise-robust feature extraction algorithm for speech recognition.
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