Maria-Teresa Segarra

According to our database1, Maria-Teresa Segarra authored at least 31 papers between 1998 and 2019.

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Towards a Functional and Technical Architecture for e-Exams.
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 2019

Building Adaptive Software Architectures with Useful and Available Elements for Adaptation.
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering, 2018

A Development Process Based on Variability Modeling for Building Adaptive Software Architectures.
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Ensuring consistent dynamic adaptation: An approach from design to runtime.
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A Deployment-oriented Development Process based on Context Variability Modeling.
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Modeling dynamic adaptations using augmented feature models.
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Comparison and Complementarity of Two Approaches to Implement AAL Systems.
Proceedings of the Impact Analysis of Solutions for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, 2012

L'ingnierie dirige par les modles pour la conception d'applications architectures rparties adaptables. Construction de variantes et de plans d'adaptation par transformation de mod.
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A design process enabling adaptation in pervasive heterogeneous contexts.
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Towards reliable distributed reconfiguration.
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Modelling Changes and Data Transfers for Architecture-Based Runtime Evolution of Distributed Applications.
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A Framework for Distributed Management of Dynamic Self-adaptation in Heterogeneous Environments.
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Support d'adaptation dynamique et distribuée dans la conception de systèmes de réplication de données.
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Distributed Dynamic Self-adaptation of Data Management in Telemedicine Applications.
Proceedings of the Ambient Assistive Health and Wellness Management in the Heart of the City, 2009

Building a Context-Aware Ambient Assisted Living Application Using a Self-Adaptive Distributed Model.
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Une architecture de composants répartis adaptables.
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Works In Progress.
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Dynamic data replication and consistency in mobile environments.
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Networking and Communication in Smart Home for People with Disabilities.
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AeDEn: An adaptive framework for dynamic distribution over mobile environments.
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Un modèle de composants pour l'adaptation dynamique à l'environnement.
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Dynamic Adaptability: The MolèNE Experiment.
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