Marinella Petrocchi

According to our database1, Marinella Petrocchi authored at least 104 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Emergent properties, models, and laws of behavioral similarities within groups of twitter users.
Comput. Commun., 2020

Emotions and Interests of Evolving Twitter Bots.
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On the capability of evolved spambots to evade detection via genetic engineering.
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An effective Decision Support System for social media listening based on cross-source sentiment analysis models.
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The role of bot squads in the political propaganda on Twitter.
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Better Safe Than Sorry: An Adversarial Approach to Improve Social Bot Detection.
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Six Things I Hate About You (in Italian) and Six Classification Strategies to More and More Effectively Find Them.
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Transparency in Keyword Faceted Search: An Investigation on Google Shopping.
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Modelling of Railway Signalling System Requirements by Controlled Natural Languages: A Case Study.
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Social Fingerprinting: Detection of Spambot Groups Through DNA-Inspired Behavioral Modeling.
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Who framed Roger Reindeer? De-censorship of Facebook posts by snippet classification.
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A study on online travel reviews through intelligent data analysis.
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Risk analysis of Android applications: A user-centric solution.
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From Reaction to Proaction: Unexplored Ways to the Detection of Evolving Spambots.
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A Study on Text-Score Disagreement in Online Reviews.
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The Paradigm-Shift of Social Spambots: Evidence, Theories, and Tools for the Arms Race.
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Hate Me, Hate Me Not: Hate Speech Detection on Facebook.
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Mining Worse and Better Opinions - Unsupervised and Agnostic Aggregation of Online Reviews.
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Efficient Detection of Conflicts in Data Sharing Agreements.
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Analysis of Data Sharing Agreements.
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Exploiting Digital DNA for the Analysis of Similarities in Twitter Behaviours.
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Bioinspired Security Analysis of Wireless Protocols.
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DNA-Inspired Online Behavioral Modeling and Its Application to Spambot Detection.
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Data Sharing Agreements: How to Glue Definition, Analysis and Mapping Together.
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Social Fingerprinting - or the Truth About You.
ERCIM News, 2016

Semi-supervised Knowledge Extraction for Detection of Drugs and Their Effects.
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mib at SemEval-2016 Task 4a: Exploiting lexicon based features for Sentiment Analysis in Twitter.
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Google Web Searches and Wikipedia Results: A Measurement Study.
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Spotting the Diffusion of New Psychoactive Substances over the Internet.
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A Matter of Words: NLP for Quality Evaluation of Wikipedia Medical Articles.
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Experimental Measures of News Personalization in Google News.
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Online User Behavioural Modeling with Applications to Price Steering.
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A Lifecycle for Data Sharing Agreements: How it Works Out.
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A quality model for social networks populated with web services.
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Towards safer information sharing in the cloud.
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Engineering the Lifecycle of Data Sharing Agreements.
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Fame for sale: Efficient detection of fake Twitter followers.
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Domain-specific queries and Web search personalization: some investigations.
Proceedings of the Proceedings 11th International Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems, 2015

TRAP: Using Targeted ads to unveil Google personal profiles.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security, 2015

VISIO: A Visual Approach for Singularity Detection in Recommendation Systems.
Proceedings of the Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business, 2015

Twitlang(er): Interactions Modeling Language (and Interpreter) for Twitter.
Proceedings of the Software Engineering and Formal Methods - 13th International Conference, 2015

Visual detection of singularities in review platforms.
Proceedings of the 30th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 2015

1st International Workshop on TEchnical and LEgal aspects of data pRIvacy and Security (TELERISE 2015).
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Business Reputation of Social Networks of Web Services.
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Preserving Data Privacy in e-Health.
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Automated Synthesis and Ranking of Secure BPMN Orchestrators.
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Discriminating Between the Wheat and the Chaff in Online Recommendation Systems.
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A Lot of Slots - Outliers Confinement in Review-Based Systems.
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Using Incentives to Analyze Social Web Services' Behaviors.
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Improved Automatic Maturity Assessment of Wikipedia Medical Articles - (Short Paper).
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A Criticism to Society (As Seen by Twitter Analytics).
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Maturity Assessment of Wikipedia Medical Articles.
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An Expertise-Driven Authoring Tool for E-Health Data Policies.
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My Data, Your Data, Our Data: Managing Privacy Preferences in Multiple Subjects Personal Data.
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Subjective review-based reputation.
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A tool for the synthesis of cryptographic orchestrators.
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