Mario Kind

According to our database1, Mario Kind authored at least 26 papers between 2007 and 2016.

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How can a mobile service provider reduce costs with software-defined networking?
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Software-defined operations.
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Elastic network functions: opportunities and challenges.
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Softwarization of carrier networks.
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Initial Service Provider DevOps concept, capabilities and proposed tools.
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Service provider DevOps for large scale modern network services.
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UNIFYing Cloud and Carrier Network Resources: An Architectural View.
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Split Architecture for Large Scale Wide Area Networks.
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Design and implementation of the OFELIA FP7 facility: The European OpenFlow testbed.
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Splitarchitecture: SDN for the carrier domain.
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Towards Unified Programmability of Cloud and Carrier Infrastructure.
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Unifying Cloud and Carrier Network: EU FP7 Project UNIFY.
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Research Directions in Network Service Chaining.
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Techno-economic Analysis of Software Defined Networking as Architecture for the Virtualization of a Mobile Network.
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Opportunities for next-generation optical access.
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Research approach towards the profitability of future FTTH business models.
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FTTH infrastructure roll out - Sensitivity analysis of monthly termination end point fees.
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Economical analysis of experience-optimized service delivery.
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A multi-actor analysis of the QoE environment.
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Energy trade-offs among content delivery architectures.
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Network Virtualization - An Enabler for Overcoming Ossification.
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Network virtualization architecture: proposal and initial prototype.
Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Virtualized Infrastructure Systems and Architectures, 2009

MobiThin management framework: design and evaluation.
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A Future Internet Embracing the Wireless World.
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