Pieter Simoens

According to our database1, Pieter Simoens authored at least 100 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Coherent collective behaviour emerging from decentralised balancing of social feedback and noise.
Swarm Intelligence, 2019

Action Graphs for Performing Goal Recognition Design on Human-Inhabited Environments.
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Robot Assistance in Dynamic Smart Environments - A Hierarchical Continual Planning in the Now Framework.
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Collective sampling of environmental features under limited sampling budget.
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Learning to Grasp from a Single Demonstration.
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Lazy Evaluation of Convolutional Filters.
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Efficiency Evaluation of Character-level RNN Training Schedules.
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Service Oriented Interactive Media (SOIM) Engines Enabled by Optimized Resource Sharing.
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Personalized Robot Interactions to Intercept Behavioral Disturbances of People with Dementia.
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