Mark Lycett

According to our database1, Mark Lycett authored at least 77 papers between 1997 and 2022.

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Humans in (Digital) Space: Representing Humans in Virtual Environments.
Proceedings of the AVI 2022: International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Frascati, Rome, Italy, June 6, 2022

Developing a Quality of Experience (QoE) model for Web Applications.
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Modelling Connected Customer Lifetime Value (CCLV) in the Banking Domain.
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Measuring business process learning with enterprise resource planning systems to improve the value of education.
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Capturing Sensemaking Pattern during Data Analysis: A Conceptual Framework.
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4D-SETL - A Semantic Data Integration Framework.
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Automated Taxonomy Extraction from Semantic Business Process Models.
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Summary of Onto.Com 2016.
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Identifying patient experience from online resources via sentiment analysis and topic modelling.
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Improving Model Quality Through Foundational Ontologies: Two Contrasting Approaches to the Representation of Roles.
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Identifying human desires relative to the integration of mobile devices into automobiles.
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'Datafication': making sense of (big) data in a complex world.
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Big data and humanitarian supply networks: Can Big Data give voice to the voiceless?
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Hidden assumptions and their influence on clinicians' acceptance of new IT systems in the NHS.
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Semi-Automatic Annotation of Web Services: a Comparative Analysis and Research Agenda.
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Ontology-driven software engineering.
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Improving clinicians' involvement in healthcare information systems development and delivery.
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Tailoring Software Development Methodologies in Practice: A Case Study.
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The precursor to an industrial software metrics program.
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Enhancing Customer Experience within the Mobile Telecommunications Industry.
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A framework for deriving semantic web services.
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Business grid services.
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Guest Editorial.
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A programme management approach for ensuring curriculum coherence in IS (higher) education.
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