Robert D. Macredie

According to our database1, Robert D. Macredie authored at least 78 papers between 1993 and 2019.

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Shared Mental Models as a Way of Managing Transparency in Complex Human-Autonomy Teaming.
Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, 2019

Intrusion Detection Using Transfer Learning in Machine Learning Classifiers Between Non-cloud and Cloud Datasets.
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How Do Older Adults View Online Health Webpages? Preliminary Results from Eye Tracking Data.
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Investigating User responses to Mandatory IT-induced organisational changes: a pre-Implementation Study.
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Teaching Introductory Programming: A Quantitative Evaluation of Different Approaches.
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Introduction to the new usability.
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Effective Communication in Requirements Elicitation: A Comparison of Methodologies.
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Visualizing and tracking the growth of competing paradigms: Two case studies.
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Integrating Information Systems.
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Explorative Modeling for Prioritizing Liver Transplantation Waiting Lists.
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Guest Editorial: Managing Dynamic Requirements.
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The Importance of Context in Information System Design: An Assessment of Participatory Design.
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Beginners and programming: insights from second language learning and teaching.
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human factors in virtual environments.
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Information gathering problems in multinational banking.
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Mediating Buyer-Seller Interactions: The Role of Agents in the Web Commerce.
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Making Simulation more Accessible in Manufacturing Systems through a 'four phase' Approach.
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Developing a Graphical User Interface for Discrete Event Simulation.
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Virtual Reality, 1995

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Principled design guidance for the development of computer-based training materials.
PhD thesis, 1993