Mark Wallis

According to our database1, Mark Wallis authored at least 21 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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Conceptualised Visualisation of Extended Agent Oriented Smart Factory (xAOSF) Framework with Associated AOSR-WMS System.
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Formal specification at model-level of model-driven engineering using modelling techniques.
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AOSR 2.0: A Novel Approach and Thorough Validation of an Agent-Oriented Storage and Retrieval WMS Planner for SMEs, under Industry 4.0.
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Validating Time Efficiency of AOSR 2.0: A Novel WMS Planner Algorithm for SMEs, under Industry 4.0.
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Multi-level analysis of IEC 61131-3 languages to detect clones.
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Revitalising and Validating the Novel Approach of xAOSF Framework Under Industry 4.0 in Comparison with Linear SC.
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Agent-Oriented Smart Factory (AOSF): An MAS Based Framework for SMEs Under Industry 4.0.
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Web-based Support for Population-based Medical Research - Presenting the QuON Survey System.
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QuON - A Generic Platform for the Collation and Sharing of Web Survey Data.
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Classification and Modelling of Web Technologies.
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Peer-Based Complex Profile Management.
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Overcast Skies - What Cloud Computing Should Be?
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A Publish/Subscribe Model for Personal Data on the Internet.
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Transaction Support for Interactive Web Applications.
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WEWorm: An Ethical Worm Generation Toolkit.
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A System for Robust Peer-to-Peer Communication with Dynamic Protocol Selection.
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