Marko A. A. Boon

According to our database1, Marko A. A. Boon authored at least 29 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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Computing first passage times for Markov-modulated fluid models using numerical PDE problem solvers.
CoRR, 2020

A dynamic path planning approach for dense, large, grid-based automated guided vehicle systems.
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New vehicle-actuated access algorithms for intersections close to oversaturation.
Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2020

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Performance of large-scale polling systems with branching-type and limited service.
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Generalized gap acceptance models for unsignalized intersections.
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Design heuristic for parallel many server systems.
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Congestion analysis of unsignalized intersections: The impact of impatience and Markov platooning.
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Platoon Forming Algorithms for Intelligent Street Intersections.
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A Novel Data-Driven Algorithm for the Automated Detection of Unexpectedly High Traffic Flow in Uncongested Traffic States.
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Queue-length balance equations in multiclass multiserver queues and their generalizations.
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A single-server queue with batch arrivals and semi-Markov services.
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Critically loaded k-limited polling systems.
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Design Heuristic for Parallel Many Server Systems under FCFS-ALIS.
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Congestion analysis of unsignalized intersections.
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Critically loaded k-limited polling systems with switch-over times.
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Applications of polling systems.
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Delays at signalised intersections with exhaustive traffic control.
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Queues with skill based parallel servers and a FCFS infinite matching model.
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Waiting times in queueing networks with a single shared server.
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Design and evaluation of overloaded service systems with skill based routing, under FCFS policies.
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A polling model with reneging at polling instants.
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Queueing networks with a single shared server: light and heavy traffic.
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On open problems in polling systems.
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Closed-form waiting time approximations for polling systems.
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A polling model with smart customers.
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A polling model with multiple priority levels.
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