Marty J. Wolf

According to our database1, Marty J. Wolf authored at least 35 papers between 1994 and 2021.

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AI Ethics: A Long History and a Recent Burst of Attention.
Computer, 2021

Upholding ACM's principles.
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Guest editorial.
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Why we should have seen that coming: comments on Microsoft's tay "experiment, " and wider implications.
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This "Ethical Trap" Is for Roboticists, Not Robots: On the Issue of Artificial Agent Ethical Decision-Making.
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Listening to professional voices: draft 2 of the ACM code of ethics and professional conduct.
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All hands on deck for ACM Ethics: updating the Code, revising enforcement, promoting integrity.
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There's something in your eye: ethical implications of augmented visual field devices.
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Behind the mask: machine morality.
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