Masoud Rabbani

According to our database1, Masoud Rabbani authored at least 73 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Using modified metaheuristic algorithms to solve a hazardous waste collection problem considering workload balancing and service time windows.
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Corporate social responsibility in the pharmaceutical supply chain: An optimized medicine donation scheme.
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Safety improvement in a gas refinery based on resilience engineering and macro-ergonomics indicators: a Bayesian network-artificial neural network approach.
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Developing a hazardous waste management system with consideration of health, safety, and environment.
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Optimal design for sustainable bioethanol supply chain considering the bioethanol production strategies: A case study.
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Incorporating location routing model and decision making techniques in industrial waste management: Application in the automotive industry.
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A Bi-Objective Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window by Considering Customer Satisfaction.
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A Novel Mixed Integer Programming Formulation for Selecting the Best Renewable Energies to Invest: A Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach.
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A New Multi-Objective Model for R&D Project Portfolio Selection Considering Potential Repetitive Projects and Sanction Impacts.
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A Hierarchical Fuzzy Portfolio Selection Process Considering Transaction Costs with a Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm.
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A Simulated Annealing algorithm for a mixed model assembly U-line balancing type-I problem considering human efficiency and Just-In-Time approach.
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