Meng Hua

According to our database1, Meng Hua authored at least 17 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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PhD thesis 




Placement Delivery Array Design via Attention-Based Sequence-to-Sequence Model With Deep Neural Network.
IEEE Wireless Commun. Letters, 2019

Energy-Efficient Optimization for UAV-Aided Cellular Offloading.
IEEE Wireless Commun. Letters, 2019

How to Deploy Multiple UAVs for Providing Communication Service in an Unknown Region?
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Proactive Caching for Vehicular Multi-View 3D Video Streaming via Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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UAV-Aided Mobile Edge Computing Systems With One by One Access Scheme.
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Joint Scheduling and Trajectory Design for UAV-Aided Wireless Power Transfer System.
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Using Quality Function Deployment in Singulation Process Analysis.
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Using Quality Function Deployment in Process Analysis.
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