Michael Haidl

According to our database1, Michael Haidl authored at least 15 papers between 2014 and 2018.

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Towards heterogeneous computing in C++: PACXX: a portable, high-performance programming model.
PhD thesis, 2018

High-Level Programming for Many-Cores Using C++14 and the STL.
Int. J. Parallel Program., 2018

Introducing Parallelism to the Ranges TS.
Proceedings of the International Workshop on OpenCL, 2018

A GPU parallelization of branch-and-bound for multiproduct batch plants optimization.
J. Supercomput., 2017

PACXXv2 + RV: An LLVM-based Portable High-Performance Programming Model.
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure in HPC, 2017

Towards Composable GPU Programming: Programming GPUs with Eager Actions and Lazy Views.
Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores, 2017

ATF: A Generic Auto-Tuning Framework.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; 15th IEEE International Conference on Smart City; 3rd IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Systems, 2017

Entailment Processing for Large RDF Data Sets Using GPU.
Proceedings of the New Trends in Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques, 2016

Multi-stage programming for GPUs in C++ using PACXX.
Proceedings of the 9th Annual Workshop on General Purpose Processing using Graphics Processing Unit, 2016

TripleID: A Low-Overhead Representation and Querying Using GPU for Large RDFs.
Proceedings of the Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures. Advanced Technologies for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 2016

Accelerating Keyword Search for Big RDF Web Data on Many-Core Systems.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques, 2015

Programming GPUs with C++14 and Just-In-Time Compilation.
Proceedings of the Parallel Computing: On the Road to Exascale, 2015

Parallelizing Branch-and-Bound on GPUs for Optimization of Multiproduct Batch Plants.
Proceedings of the Parallel Computing Technologies - 13th International Conference, PaCT 2015, Petrozavodsk, Russia, August 31, 2015

High-Level Programming of Stencil Computations on Multi-GPU Systems Using the SkelCL Library.
Parallel Process. Lett., 2014

PACXX: Towards a Unified Programming Model for Programming Accelerators Using C++14.
Proceedings of the 2014 LLVM Compiler Infrastructure in HPC, 2014