Gordon Brown

According to our database1, Gordon Brown authored at least 16 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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Möglichkeiten der Digitalisierung zur Beratung von hochkonfigurierbaren und hochindividualisierbaren Gütern.
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Potentials of AR technology for the digitalization of consultancy intensive sales processes on the example of furniture sales.
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The effects of consultant avatar size and dynamics on customer trust in online consultations.
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SYCL 2020: More than meets the eye.
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Bringing performant support for Nvidia® hardware to SYCL.
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Evaluating Pointing Modes and Frames of Reference for Remotely Supporting an Augmented Reality User in a Collaborative (Virtual) Environment: Evaluation within the Scope of a Remote Consultation Session.
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Towards Heterogeneous and Distributed Computing in C++.
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How to deploy AI software to self driving cars.
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Introducing Parallelism to the Ranges TS.
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Cooperative Mixed Reality: An Analysis Tool.
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Assessing the Effect of Device-Based Test Scheduling on Heterogeneous Test Suite Execution.
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Choosing the Devil You Don't Know: Evidence for Limited Sensitivity to Sample Size-Based Uncertainty When It Offers an Advantage.
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Developing a Theory-Informed Interactive Animation to Increase Physical Activity among Young People with Asthma.
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