Michael N. Cantor

According to our database1, Michael N. Cantor authored at least 19 papers between 2001 and 2018.

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FACETS: using open data to measure community social determinants of health.
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Exchange of De-identified Clinical Data that Includes Neighborhood Characteristics.
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Evaluating the Quality of Patient Address Data in an EHR system.
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Towards Computational Reuse of Clinical Research Eligibility Criteria with Collaboration across Academia, Industry, and Standardization Organizations.
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Informatics Careers in Industry: What Creates Business Value?
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Translational informatics: an industry perspective.
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Data Sharing: Incentives and Governance Issues in Industry and Academia.
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GenesTrace: Phenomic Knowledge Discovery via Structured Terminology.
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Measuring Clinicians' Expectations Prior to EHR Implementation.
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Evaluating the Web as a Clinical Knowledge Base.
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An Evaluation of Hybrid Methods for Matching Biomedical Terminologies: Mapping the Gene Ontology to the UMLS®$.
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GESDOR - A Generic Execution Model for Sharing of Computer-Interpretable Clinical Practice Guidelines.
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Putting Data Integration into Practice: Using Biomedical Terminologies to Add Structure to Existing Data Sources.
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