Michael P. Friedlander

According to our database1, Michael P. Friedlander authored at least 39 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Online mirror descent and dual averaging: keeping pace in the dynamic case.
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Greed Meets Sparsity: Understanding and Improving Greedy Coordinate Descent for Sparse Optimization.
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Polar Alignment and Atomic Decomposition.
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Implementing a smooth exact penalty function for general constrained nonlinear optimization.
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Implementing a smooth exact penalty function for equality-constrained nonlinear optimization.
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Fast Training for Large-Scale One-versus-All Linear Classifiers using Tree-Structured Initialization.
Proceedings of the 2019 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 2019

One-shot atomic detection.
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Foundations of Gauge and Perspective Duality.
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Smooth Structured Prediction Using Quantum and Classical Gibbs Samplers.
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Low-Rank Spectral Optimization via Gauge Duality.
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Social Resistance.
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Efficient evaluation of scaled proximal operators.
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Satisfying Real-world Goals with Dataset Constraints.
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Low-rank spectral optimization.
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Coordinate Descent Converges Faster with the Gauss-Southwell Rule Than Random Selection.
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Erratum: Hybrid Deterministic-Stochastic Methods for Data Fitting.
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Hybrid Deterministic-Stochastic Methods for Data Fitting.
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Joint-sparse recovery from multiple measurements
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Global and Finite Termination of a Two-Phase Augmented Lagrangian Filter Method for General Quadratic Programs.
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Probing the Pareto Frontier for Basis Pursuit Solutions.
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