Özgür Yilmaz

According to our database1, Özgür Yilmaz authored at least 63 papers between 2000 and 2019.

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Spatially informed voxelwise modeling for naturalistic fMRI experiments.
NeuroImage, 2019

From Compressed Sensing to Compressed Bit-Streams: Practical Encoders, Tractable Decoders.
IEEE Trans. Information Theory, 2018

How (not) to integrate blood subtyping technology to kidney exchange.
J. Economic Theory, 2018

Impact of Kinect Game on Primary School Students' Mental Computation Speed.
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Multi-View Product Image Search with Deep ConvNets Representations.
International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, 2018

Parameter instability regimes for sparse proximal denoising programs.
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Memoryless scalar quantization for random frames.
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Learning tensors from partial binary measurements.
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Near-optimal sample complexity for convex tensor completion.
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Off-the-Grid Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and Seismic Data Reconstruction.
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U-CATCH: Using Color ATtribute of image patCHes in binary descriptors.
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Multi-View Product Image Search Using ConvNets Features.
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Phase-sensitive reconstruction for fat-water separation in multi-coil acquisitions.
Proceedings of the 24th Signal Processing and Communication Application Conference, 2016

3D modeling of a scene with an autonomous robot.
Proceedings of the 24th Signal Processing and Communication Application Conference, 2016

Camera aided navigation for the visually impaired.
Proceedings of the 24th Signal Processing and Communication Application Conference, 2016

A Proposal for Common Dataset in Neural-Symbolic Reasoning Studies.
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How Much Computation and Distributedness is Needed in Sequence Learning Tasks?
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Classification of Occluded Objects using Fast Recurrent Processing.
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Connectionist-Symbolic Machine Intelligence using Cellular Automata based Reservoir-Hyperdimensional Computing.
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Quantization of compressive samples with stable and robust recovery.
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Sparse regression with highly correlated predictors.
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Noise-shaping Quantization Methods for Frame-based and Compressive Sampling Systems.
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Analogy Making and Logical Inferences on Images using Cellular Automata based Hyperdimensional Computing.
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Reservoir Computing using Cellular Automata.
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A fast randomized Kaczmarz algorithm for sparse solutions of consistent linear systems
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Non-Convex Compressed Sensing Using Partial Support Information.
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A sparse randomized Kaczmarz algorithm.
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Fighting the Curse of Dimensionality: Compressive Sensing in Exploration Seismology.
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Oscillatory synchronization model of attention to moving objects.
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Support driven reweighted ℓ1 minimization
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Weighted-ℓ1 minimization with multiple weighting sets
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Adaptive compressed sensing for video acquisition.
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Support driven reweighted ℓ1 minimization.
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A Mixed Learning Approach in Mechatronics Education.
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Kidney exchange: An egalitarian mechanism.
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The golden ratio encoder.
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The probabilistic serial mechanism with private endowments.
Games and Economic Behavior, 2010

Sobolev Duals for Random Frames and Sigma-Delta Quantization of Compressed Sensing Measurements
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Random assignment under weak preferences.
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Utility representation of lower separable preferences.
Mathematical Social Sciences, 2008

Sparse Recovery by Non-convex Optimization -- Instance Optimality
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Stable sparse approximations via nonconvex optimization.
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Inhibitory surround and grouping effects in human and computational multiple object tracking.
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Blind separation of disjoint orthogonal signals: demixing N sources from 2 mixtures.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, 2000