Mitsuaki Akiyama

According to our database1, Mitsuaki Akiyama authored at least 64 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Using Seq2Seq Model to Detect Infection Focusing on Behavioral Features of Processes.
JIP, 2019

Detection Method of Homograph Internationalized Domain Names with OCR.
JIP, 2019

Detecting Dynamic IP Addresses and Cloud Blocks Using the Sequential Characteristics of PTR Records.
JIP, 2019

Efficient Dynamic Malware Analysis for Collecting HTTP Requests using Deep Learning.
IEICE Transactions, 2019

Evasive Malicious Website Detection by Leveraging Redirection Subgraph Similarities.
IEICE Transactions, 2019

DomainScouter: Understanding the Risks of Deceptive IDNs.
Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Research in Attacks, 2019

Comparative Analysis of Three Language Spheres: Are Linguistic and Cultural Differences Reflected in Password Selection Habits?
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops, 2019

Precise and Robust Detection of Advertising Fraud.
Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2019

Exploration into Gray Area: Efficient Labeling for Malicious Domain Name Detection.
Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2019

Understanding the Responsiveness of Mobile App Developers to Software Library Updates.
Proceedings of the Ninth ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy, 2019

Cross-Vendor Knowledge Transfer for Managed Security Services with Triplet Network.
Proceedings of the 12th ACM Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Security, 2019

Poster: A First Look at the Privacy Risks of Voice Assistant Apps.
Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2019

A Pilot Study on Consumer IoT Device Vulnerability Disclosure and Patch Release in Japan and the United States.
Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2019

I know what you did last login: inconsistent messages tell existence of a target's account to insiders.
Proceedings of the 35th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, 2019

PADetective: A Systematic Approach to Automate Detection of Promotional Attackers in Mobile App Store.
JIP, 2018

HoneyCirculator: distributing credential honeytoken for introspection of web-based attack cycle.
Int. J. Inf. Sec., 2018

DomainProfiler: toward accurate and early discovery of domain names abused in future.
Int. J. Inf. Sec., 2018

Understanding the Inconsistency between Behaviors and Descriptions of Mobile Apps.
IEICE Transactions, 2018

Identifying Evasive Code in Malicious Websites by Analyzing Redirection Differences.
IEICE Transactions, 2018

Event De-Noising Convolutional Neural Network for Detecting Malicious URL Sequences from Proxy Logs.
IEICE Transactions, 2018

Towards Finding Code Snippets on a Question and Answer Website Causing Mobile App Vulnerabilities.
IEICE Transactions, 2018

User Blocking Considered Harmful? An Attacker-controllable Side Channel to Identify Social Accounts.
CoRR, 2018

DomainChroma: Building actionable threat intelligence from malicious domain names.
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POSTER: Predicting Website Abuse Using Update Histories.
Proceedings of the Companion of the The Web Conference 2018 on The Web Conference 2018, 2018

A method for estimating process maliciousness with Seq2Seq model.
Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Information Networking, 2018

Don't throw me away: Threats Caused by the Abandoned Internet Resources Used by Android Apps.
Proceedings of the 2018 on Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2018

Analysis of malware download sites by focusing on time series variation of malware.
J. Comput. Science, 2017

Tracking the Human Mobility Using Mobile Device Sensors.
IEICE Transactions, 2017

Fine-Grained Analysis of Compromised Websites with Redirection Graphs and JavaScript Traces.
IEICE Transactions, 2017

APPraiser: A Large Scale Analysis of Android Clone Apps.
IEICE Transactions, 2017

Building a Scalable Web Tracking Detection System: Implementation and the Empirical Study.
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A Study on the Vulnerabilities of Mobiles Apps associated with Software Modules.
CoRR, 2017

Analyzing the ecosystem of malicious URL redirection through longitudinal observation from honeypots.
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Understanding Evasion Techniques that Abuse Differences Among JavaScript Implementations.
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Understanding the security management of global third-party Android marketplaces.
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Understanding the origins of mobile app vulnerabilities: a large-scale measurement study of free and paid apps.
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Malware originated HTTP traffic detection utilizing cluster appearance ratio.
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Malicious URL sequence detection using event de-noising convolutional neural network.
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Detecting Malicious Websites by Integrating Malicious, Benign, and Compromised Redirection Subgraph Similarities.
Proceedings of the 41st IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2017

DomainChroma: Providing Optimal Countermeasures against Malicious Domain Names.
Proceedings of the 41st IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2017

Characterizing Promotional Attacks in Mobile App Store.
Proceedings of the Applications and Techniques in Information Security, 2017

MineSpider: Extracting Hidden URLs Behind Evasive Drive-by Download Attacks.
IEICE Transactions, 2016

Automating URL Blacklist Generation with Similarity Search Approach.
IEICE Transactions, 2016

BotProfiler: Detecting Malware-Infected Hosts by Profiling Variability of Malicious Infrastructure.
IEICE Transactions, 2016

Website Forensic Investigation to Identify Evidence and Impact of Compromise.
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Efficient Dynamic Malware Analysis Based on Network Behavior Using Deep Learning.
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DomainProfiler: Discovering Domain Names Abused in Future.
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Clone or Relative?: Understanding the Origins of Similar Android Apps.
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Evaluation on Malware Classification by Session Sequence of Common Protocols.
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Empowering Anti-malware Research in Japan by Sharing the MWS Datasets.
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Client Honeypot Multiplication with High Performance and Precise Detection.
IEICE Transactions, 2015

RouteDetector: Sensor-based Positioning System That Exploits Spatio-Temporal Regularity of Human Mobility.
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BotProfiler: Profiling Variability of Substrings in HTTP Requests to Detect Malware-Infected Hosts.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE TrustCom/BigDataSE/ISPA, 2015

Understanding the Inconsistencies between Text Descriptions and the Use of Privacy-sensitive Resources of Mobile Apps.
Proceedings of the Eleventh Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security, 2015

AutoBLG: Automatic URL blacklist generator using search space expansion and filters.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication, 2015

MineSpider: Extracting URLs from Environment-Dependent Drive-by Download Attacks.
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POSTER: Detecting Malicious Web Pages based on Structural Similarity of Redirection Chains.
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Improved Blacklisting: Inspecting the Structural Neighborhood of Malicious URLs.
IT Professional, 2013

Active Credential Leakage for Observing Web-Based Attack Cycle.
Proceedings of the Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses, 2013

Scalable and Performance-Efficient Client Honeypot on High Interaction System.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE/IPSJ International Symposium on Applications and the Internet, 2012

Characterizing Obfuscated JavaScript Using Abstract Syntax Trees: Experimenting with Malicious Scripts.
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Searching Structural Neighborhood of Malicious URLs to Improve Blacklisting.
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Design and Implementation of High Interaction Client Honeypot for Drive-by-Download Attacks.
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A Proposal of Metrics for Botnet Detection Based on Its Cooperative Behavior.
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