Tsutomu Matsumoto

According to our database1, Tsutomu Matsumoto authored at least 105 papers between 1985 and 2020.

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IoT Malware Analysis and New Pattern Discovery Through Sequence Analysis Using Meta-Feature Information.
IEICE Transactions, 2020

Laser-Induced Controllable Instruction Replacement Fault Attack.
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An ATM Security Measure for Smart Card Transactions to Prevent Unauthorized Cash Withdrawal.
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Detect Me If You... Oh Wait. An Internet-Wide View of Self-Revealing Honeypots.
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A Demonstration of a HT-Detection Method Based on Impedance Measurements of the Wiring Around ICs.
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IoTProtect: Highly Deployable Whitelist-based Protection for Low-cost Internet-of-Things Devices.
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Toward Collaborative Defense Across Organizations.
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Evasive Malware via Identifier Implanting.
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IoTPOT: A Novel Honeypot for Revealing Current IoT Threats.
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Experimental Evaluation on the Resistance of Latch PUFs Implemented on ASIC against FIB-Based Invasive Attacks.
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ASIC implementation of random number generators using SR latches and its evaluation.
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Optical nano artifact metrics using silicon random nanostructures.
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Evaluating Malware Mitigation by Android Market Operators.
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SandPrint: Fingerprinting Malware Sandboxes to Provide Intelligence for Sandbox Evasion.
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How to design hardware prime field multipliers for bilinear pairing.
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Evaluation of Latch-Based PUFs Implemented on 40 nm ASICs.
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Laser irradiation on EEPROM sense amplifiers enhances side-channel leakage of read bits.
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Evaluation of Latch-based Physical Random Number Generator Implementation on 40 nm ASICs.
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Wamber: Defending Web Sites on Hosting Services with Self-Learning Honeypots.
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Attribute Based Encryption with Direct Efficiency Tradeoff.
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Detecting Malicious Domains and Authoritative Name Servers Based on Their Distinct Mappings to IP Addresses.
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IoTPOT: Analysing the Rise of IoT Compromises.
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Detecting Obfuscated Suspicious JavaScript Based on Information-Theoretic Measures and Novelty Detection.
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Nano-artifact metrics based on random collapse of resist.
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Catching the Behavioral Differences between Multiple Executions for Malware Detection.
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Search Engine Based Investigation on Misconfiguration of Zone Transfer.
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Malware Sandbox Analysis with Efficient Observation of Herder's Behavior.
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A proper security analysis method for CMOS cryptographic circuits.
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A Method of Preventing Unauthorized Data Transmission in Controller Area Network.
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Malware Detection Method by Catching Their Random Behavior in Multiple Executions.
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An Efficient Dynamic Detection Method for Various x86 Shellcodes.
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Your Sandbox is Blinded: Impact of Decoy Injection to Public Malware Analysis Systems.
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Empirical Study on Privacy Concerns and the Acceptance of e-Money in Japan.
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How to Decide Selection Functions for Power Analysis: From the Viewpoint of Hardware Architecture of Block Ciphers.
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How to Maximize the Potential of FPGA-Based DSPs for Modular Exponentiation.
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An Empirical Evaluation of an Unpacking Method Implemented with Dynamic Binary Instrumentation.
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Self destructive tamper response for software protection.
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Multi-Pass Malware Sandbox Analysis with Controlled Internet Connection.
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A Design Methodology for a DPA-Resistant Circuit with RSL Techniques.
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Vulnerability in Public Malware Sandbox Analysis Systems.
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Web-Based Data Leakage Prevention.
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Information-Theoretically Secure Key-Insulated Multireceiver Authentication Codes.
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Information-Flow-Based Access Control for Web Browsers.
IEICE Transactions, 2009

Unconditionally Secure Group Signatures.
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Updating Quantum Cryptography Report ver. 1.
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Unconditionally Secure Blind Authentication Codes: The Model, Constructions, and Links to Commitment.
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Information Hiding on Lossless Data Compression.
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Individuality evaluation for paper based artifact-metrics using transmitted light image.
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Fingerprinting Traffic Log.
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Prototyping security test objects for use with advanced biometric authentication systems.
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A Design of Information System Improving Dietary Habit Based on Individual Clinical Data and Life Style.
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On Collusion Security of Random Codes.
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Digitally Signed Document Sanitizing Scheme with Disclosure Condition Control.
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A Distributed User Revocation Scheme for Ad-Hoc Networks.
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Method of Hiding Information in Agglutinative Language Documents Using Adjustment to New Line Positions.
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Multiparty DSA Signature Generation without Simultaneous User Operations.
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Interaction Key Generation Schemes.
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Systematic Treatment of Collusion Secure Codes: Security Definitions and Their Relations.
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A study toward cognitive action with environment recognition by a learning space robot.
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Impact of Artificial "Gummy" Fingers on Fingerprint Systems.
Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, 2002

Scheme of standard MIDI files steganography and its evaluation.
Proceedings of the Security and Watermarking of Multimedia Contents IV, 2002

Designing and Implementation of Mobile Terminal for Telehealth Care Life Support System.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on CSCW in Design, 2002

A Software System for Giving Clues of Medical Diagnosis to Clinician.
Proceedings of the 15th IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2002), 2002

Gummy and Conductive Silicone Rubber Fingers.
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Human-Computer Cryptography: An Attempt.
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Getting Users' Attributed Without Violating Anonymity.
Proceedings of the Worldwide Computing and Its Applications, International Conference, 1998

A support system to formulate care plans for senior citizens & dataInput methods for a Web database.
Proceedings of WebNet 98, 1998

A Strategy for Constructing Fast Round Functions with Practical Security Against Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis.
Proceedings of the Selected Areas in Cryptography '98, 1998

A Support System To Make Care Plan of Elders.
Proceedings of the MEDINFO '98, 1998

Evaluation of multimedia authoring tool TSUMIKI through developing AIDS courseware.
Proceedings of WebNet 96, 1996

A Web site for counseling on students' future courses.
Proceedings of WebNet 96, 1996

Incidence Structures for Key Sharing (Extended Abstract).
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High-Speed Implementation Methods for RSA Scheme.
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On Verifiable Implicit Asking Protocols for RSA Computation.
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Non-Interactive Generation of Shared Pseudorandom Sequences.
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Construction and evaluation of the identity transformers for cryptographic key distribution.
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Human Identification Through Insecure Channel.
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A Multi-Purpose Proof System - for Identity and Membership Proofs.
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Structural Properties of One-way Hash Functions.
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A Recursive Construction Method of S-boxes Satisfying Strict Avalanche Criterion.
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Duality between Two Cryptographic Primitives.
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Autonomous navigation system for mobile robots using a route map.
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A public-key cryptosystem based on the difficulty of solving a system of nonlinear equations.
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